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  1. CBR 250RR Battery?

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    Hey guys i purchased a MC-22 1992 CBR 250 RR two months ago, and it goes fine. usually when i want to go for a ride i always warm it up or else it'll just die out, now on cold days i realised that when i first crank it, it wont turn on immediately so i'd have to crank it a few times to get it...
  2. Completely ruined my mc22 cbr250rr help !?

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    Okay , so the one thing you don't do when jump starting is cross the wires, I did the exact thing , the mechanic told me if I did that it wouldn't be worth fixing and it'd be best at the scrap yard , well I love my cbr and I want it fixed anyways , that and I already paid for and have brand new...