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  1. General Technical
    hi all, been ages since i've been on here but though i might do a shout out to see if anyone has any ideas on this problem i am having. i pulled out my old vtr250 '06 from the garage recently to see if it still works. been sitting there for over a year. no luck. so i replaced the spark plugs...
  2. General Technical
    Hi Guys i picked up a CBR250rr bike a couple months back working on it has been on and off as im still learning how these things work. problem is the bike won't start, yes i have read multiple forums, and service manuals and i still haven't had any luck. what i've done so far... - Inspect...
  3. CBR250 Forum
    So I've got my cbr250rr up and running after a year of not running. I can start the bike but it is sometime a little bit tricky to start but nothing too bad. the problem is that even once the engine is warm, i cannot heavily rev the bike without it stalling, if I simply open the throttle...
1-3 of 3 Results