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  1. CBR250 Forum
    Hello! I am a new member and I am looking for help and also to be able to help with issues related to the Honda CBR MC 19 and 22 Right now I am restoring my MC 19 and one of the parts I need to replace is the Meter Board. My question is does the MC 22 Board serve? Thanks for the answers! :)
  2. CBR250 Forum
    Having a problem with my mc19 1989 model the speedo is displaying 10kmh at standstill anyone know the reason behind this? Any helps appreciated Will upload a photo later if needed Cheers Ratbag
  3. CBR250 Forum
    Hola saludos... mi nombre es Douglas Torres soy de Venezuela. Antes que todo quiero felicitarlos por tan extraordinario foro... tengo un problema con mi CBR 250 MC 19 y vengo por ayuda de ustedes. A continuación explicare mi problema. Tenia parada mi moto aproximadamente 3 años ya que soy...
1-3 of 3 Results