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  1. 88' 250R fuel tank bolts

    CBR250 Forum
    Hey guys, very new on the bike scene and I've aquired an old Honda that needs putting back together. I've pretty much got a box full of bits and bobs with some random bolts and struggling to figure what goes where.Main issue at the moment is fuel tank bolts, I keep seeing mentions of only one...
  2. Mc19 Rebuild Main and Rod Bearings?

    CBR250 Forum
    Hi all, First time posting here but have been reading for some time now. I am a new comer to the CBR crowd but loving every second of it. My baby is a 89 MC19 with repsol fairings and colour matched tank. After riding for a bit and some strange things happening with my engine I decided to...
  3. CBR 250RR Battery?

    CBR250 Forum
    Hey guys i purchased a MC-22 1992 CBR 250 RR two months ago, and it goes fine. usually when i want to go for a ride i always warm it up or else it'll just die out, now on cold days i realised that when i first crank it, it wont turn on immediately so i'd have to crank it a few times to get it...
  4. 1999 CBR250RR Random Engine Stall

    My bike is an Australian model 1999 cbr250rr, I am not what the problem may be but I will try describe it to the best of my ability. Basically, my bike randomly stalls when riding, not during traffic lights, like during riding. The first time it happened when I was in 6th gear and I pull back...
  5. 06 Honda CBR 600RR Track Bike

    Buy & Sell
    2006 Honda CBR 600RR Track Bike Up for sale is my CBR600RR track bike. I got this bike with the intension of racing it in interclub superstock, but a lack of time and now buying a house means I need to sell her. The bike is all setup and ready to race or track, it has the following...
  6. CBR250RR Wants to start but won't!

    CBR250 Forum
    So I bought another cbr250rr mc22 a couple of days ago, and it isn't running. It hasn't been running for over a year (according to previous owner) and when I bought it the ignition wouldn't even turn on so I got it for a good price. Since I'm very "Switched On" in the electrical field, I had...
  7. Bike will not crank!

    CBR250 Forum
    Hi i have a CBR250RR the bike will not crank. I can push start it but when pressing the ignition there is no sound. the bike will die if you dont rev. The starter relay plug located below the seat is a bit corroded, plastic is a bit melted and metal is a bit dirty o.O. do you think thats the...
  8. Not sparking

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    Hi all, new member and recently acquired a 1989 cbr250R grey import. Only paid $700 for it and it has 6months rego. So we couldn't get it started the day I picked it up due to a dead battery so brought a new one. Then it would wind but was not sparking. So I pulled the number 1 plug out and...