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  1. Streched CBR250r

    CBR250 Forum
    I have recently purchased a 2012 CBR250r. The bike had a 6 inch stretch on it when i purchased it. I'm assuming from the look on the back tire when i got it, it was more than likely raced. What are y'all opinions (Pros/Cons) on the bike having that small stretch on it? It runs great, it needed a...
  2. New Rider '12 CBR250r

    New Member Introductions
    Hello all, Im a new rider and have recently purchased a '12 CBR250r.
  3. CBR250R (2011) Dash Lights do not work.

    CBR250R Forum (2011+)
    My Tacho light works fine, it is just the digital display. When i first got the bike (abt 5 months ago) the right side of the display had a blue backlight, and the left side was flickering. (middle didn't work at all). Now i have no backlighting whatsoever. How can i fix this? I have all the...
  4. not firing, tried everything even a service

    CBR250 Forum
    (cbr250rr mc 22) hello, hope you all are having a lovely day as im not. ive missed out on 2 race days and spent weeks figuring out the problem to why my bike isnt starting. first of all when i bought it couple months ago the bike was fine and ran and revved. now after a month it didn't start i...
  5. New Rider after Advice: CBR250R

    CBR250R Forum (2011+)
    Hi Guys, this is my first post on this forum after reading many many many reviews and topics from other members :D I am actually looking at getting my first bike and with the new financial year (Here in Australia) i am in a position to do so within the next month. I have obtained my licence...
  6. CBR250rr - wont start

    General Technical
    Hi Guys i picked up a CBR250rr bike a couple months back working on it has been on and off as im still learning how these things work. problem is the bike won't start, yes i have read multiple forums, and service manuals and i still haven't had any luck. what i've done so far... - Inspect...
  7. What type of paint for fuel tank?

    General Technical
    So I've decided that I am going to give my bike a fresh look with a new kit of fairings. Only problem is that the tank is currently black and I want it to be,, well not black.:confused: I have been looking into automotive paints and it looks like my main two options are enamel or acrylic. I...
  8. WANTED: Tyga Headlights

    Buy & Sell
    Hi, I'm looking for tyga headlights and a tyga taillight for a CBR250r/rr. Please let me know if you have something to sell. Thanks
  9. Thoughts on CBR250rr Movistar fairings?

    CBR250 Forum
    So my bike (1990 cbr250rr) is running schmick, and it needs some new fairings. I am thinking about getting blue movistar fairings and installing a carbon fiber exhaust to make the bike look like the picture below. Only problem is that I am a little bit worried that the resale won't be great...