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  1. Project Bikes
    Just bought my first Honda cbr250 1989 mc19 as a project bike, having great fun working on the bike and facing the challenge head on. My first time digging into an engine but I'm happy to have some experience. Got the bike running and after a carbie clean I noticed vapor coming from the exhaust...
  2. Buy & Sell
    WRECKING MY MC19 CBR 250R All Parts currently there starting from $5 Forks $110 Tank (Requires respray & some dents pulled out) $60 Exhaust $90 Engine $250 Wheels $250 (Near new tyres) Swingarm $150 Carbies $100 Frame $150 (Registerable) Subframe $80 CBR600 F4I rear shock $70...
  3. CBR250 Forum
    Hi I recently bought a MC19 and it took me two weeks to notice that what looks like an engine mounting bolt on the left hand side is missing, Finding a bolt should be easy enough but that space between the frame and starter motor is quite large, does anyone know if there is any spacer or...
1-4 of 4 Results