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  1. 1988 CBR250 cranks but won't start

    CBR250 Forum
    I've only owned the bike for about 6 months and I'd take it for a couple of rides a week. Then one morning a few months back I couldn't get it to start and it hasn't started since. I haven't been able to figure out the problem. It just keeps turning over and nothing else apart from the...
  2. Intro on CBR250r...The comeback

    Rideout Forum
  3. DIY How to change and flush engine oil

    CBR250R Forum (2011+)
    Normally everyone can do oil change but you should keep in mind that you should flush your engine with any of the normal mineral oil you can get in the market every 12000km or so before changing the engine oil brand..This way you can keep you engine neat and smooth...
  4. CBR250R MC19 Brisbane

    Buy & Sell
    I'm selling my MC19. Complete bike. Runs, but not well - needs a good tune. Has been sitting in the garage for the last year, so it needs to go (new job, and now I cycle to work). Extras - braided front brake lines, ecliptech headlight controller, ecliptech LED brake lights. Selling as-is...
  5. 1988 CBR 250R Clutch Slipping

    CBR250 Forum
    Hey guys, so I had an oil leak coming from the clutch cover. Drained the oil out and removed the clutch cover to change the gasket. Re-assembled and when I first took her out the clutch was slipping pretty bad however the further I rode, it seemed to slip less and less till it was hardly doing...
  6. Weird sound from engine (CBR250R)

    CBR250R Forum (2011+)
    Hello guys, I am from New Delhi, India. My ride is a 2011 Honda CBR250R Non-ABS. With a mileage of just 15000 KMs, I am getting this weird noise from the engine. The sound is so nasty and loud that I am not able to ride at all. So far, I have visited 4 Honda Authorized service center- two of...
  7. CBR250R mc19 not getting any power?

    General Technical
    Hey guys, wondering wether someone would be able to help me out. I bought a MC19 off a mate...apparently the bike was running fine until it was left for 6-8 months, he thought it just needed a charge/new battery. I've replaced the battery with one from another bike it's fully charged...I put it...
  8. MC17 Front Brake reservoir window

    CBR250 Forum
    Hi there Just got a CBR250R for an absolute steal, and the front brake reservoir window is completely opaque due to age, I'm guessing. Any tips on getting the plastic back to see-through? Thanks
  9. mc19 engine swap?

    CBR250 Forum
    Hey guys I have a 88 mc19 and I want it to end up just being a track bike when I get a bigger bike and I was wondering if it would be possible to put a nsr250 motor in it as it nearly has 80,000k's on it, For the people who are going to say dont worry about cause it will cost to much I dont...
  10. MC19 250 for Track or Move on?

    General Motorcycle Forum
    Hey folks It's been a while since I came on here. Like the new look, and seems to be more traffic coming through which is fantastic. I'm getting another bike in the next couple of weeks for road and not sure what to do with the MC19. My intention was to make it into a road/track bike after...
  11. SELLING/SWAP 89 cbr250r

    Buy & Sell
    As title states lol , 48000 kms , full year rego , just serviced , 2200 or swap for car or something .. Contact via email , [email protected]