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  1. CBR250 Forum
    Hi everyone. So I recently just brought a CBR250RR, I brought a new battery tried to start it but the motor won't start, it turns over. Dad and I looked in the carby and it's dried, we put petrol just the day before and not even a drop in the carby, apparently the bike has been sitting in a...
  2. CBR250 Forum
    Hey all, My bike has been sitting for a while (loss of licence).. I have been trying to get her going and i dont think there is fuel getting through the lines or petcock any idea's? I was going to replace my throttle cables but i fixed that issue. When i hooked it all back up i noticed there...
  3. CBR250 Forum
    Hi guys, im new to this forum. I have recently got myself a mc22. I find it hard for me to see the speed at this bike. Wonder if anyone have ever had an extra digital speed indicator on this bike. As i realized that i can find gear indicator on ebay but i couldnt find any speed indicator. Will...
  4. CBR250 Forum
    Hey guys, this is my first post here. i thought i might as well sign up to learn more about my recently acquired cbr250rr. Anyhow, since I got it, it was running fine, however after getting home one weekend away I hopped on my bike only to find that it was sounding like a lawnmower (modern...
  5. CBR250 Forum
    Hi all, I'm new to the forums, hopefully you can help me out. I'm after the same fairing kit as whats currently installed on my bike. I have looked around at the online stores and even talked to my local dealer but they're unable to help. All suggestions are welcome.
  6. Buy & Sell
    Check out this Australian, LAMS Approved 1993 Honda Repsol CBR250RR (MC22) for sale in Victoria. Asking price $5,500. Honda Repsol CBR2500RR MC22 for sale Vic Make an offer.
  7. CBR250 Forum
    Hey guys, CBR250RR 1999 MC22 showing 'unique' characteristics, or maybe not so unique if people point out its common. When starting on cold mornings, it'll kick over instantly and sit at 1.5k rev. over a few seconds it'll drop off then die. Sometimes it'll sit there and stabilise itself over...
1-7 of 7 Results