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  1. CBR250 Forum
    Hi guys, not sure if this is a good idea but the only thing that could go wrong is a dead battery so do this at your own risk. I recently decided that the 250rr is probably going to be my one and only bike for a while, until I decide that ringing out a 250 isn’t fun anymore, and I use it for...
  2. CBR250 Forum
    I have a CBR250RR MC22 old model gullarm bike, I recently faced issues with overheating of the faulty cap, but some people suggest changing 1.1 and some 0.9 radiator cap, I would like to know the exact cap which I need to change and recommendation for that.
  3. CBR250 Forum
    Hi all, I own a CBR250RR(MC22) and Decided to give the carbies a clean. I removed my Throttle Push/Pull cables, cleaned the carbs and re-seated the push/pull cables the way I found them. Now I have 0mm of free play when I twist the throttle. I've tried: Adjusting the cable tension at the...
  4. CBR250 Forum
    (cbr250rr mc 22) hello, hope you all are having a lovely day as im not. ive missed out on 2 race days and spent weeks figuring out the problem to why my bike isnt starting. first of all when i bought it couple months ago the bike was fine and ran and revved. now after a month it didn't start i...
  5. CBR250 Forum
    Hey everyone, the short version of my story is I live in the US and bought an imported MC22 (1990) about a year or two ago and after it started having some issues, I took it in to a shop, and it's basically all done but they've discovered a hole that's worn in one of the bodies of the carbs, and...
  6. General Technical
    Hi, I am hoping someone will be able to help me out with the charging system on my bike. I purchased the bike and rode it home. Later in the night we went to turn it on again and it struggled to crank over. We then push started it but it died when the bike came to a stand still. Purchased a...
  7. CBR250 Forum
    Hi everyone. So I recently just brought a CBR250RR, I brought a new battery tried to start it but the motor won't start, it turns over. Dad and I looked in the carby and it's dried, we put petrol just the day before and not even a drop in the carby, apparently the bike has been sitting in a...
  8. CBR250 Forum
    Hey dudes need help, looking at buying a CBR250RR. What are the stock colour schemes that are available to this particular bike? Also is this particular colour scheme stock??
  9. CBR250 Forum
    My bike is a 1988 CBR250r So basicly I've done everything to check why my cbr isnt starting and i checked the wire outlets for the fuel pump and they are good so that leaves me with the conclusion that the fuel pump's days are over. Ive had a look around for a new fuel pump and apparently they...
  10. CBR250 Forum
    Hey guys i purchased a MC-22 1992 CBR 250 RR two months ago, and it goes fine. usually when i want to go for a ride i always warm it up or else it'll just die out, now on cold days i realised that when i first crank it, it wont turn on immediately so i'd have to crank it a few times to get it...
  11. CBR250 Forum
    Hey guys, i recently picked up my imported cbr250rr mc22. im looking to get a tank bag, wondering if any of you have photos of yours with tank bags on them and if so would magnetic tank bags work. dont want something huge, just enough to put a small items in. cheers
  12. CBR250 Forum
    Hi Guys, Just a quick question, I've just finished installing new carby boots but i had a hard time trying to get the damn carby installed back onto the bike (finally managed to get it back on with brute force after 2 hours, tried heating the rubber, using lubricants & even putting them into a...
  13. Buy & Sell
    Asking price $4,500 Check it out here: Honda CBR250RR Fireblade for sale
  14. CBR250 Forum
    Hello everyone, i am thinking about buying a used MC22. But it has an engine problem, the owner says its Crankshaft is broken(or something). So any opinions on what should i do? Is it expensive to repair? What other crankshafts can i find(CBR 400RR/600RR etc.)?
  15. Buy & Sell
    For sale, $4,400 CBR250RR MC22 Fireblade in Noble Park, VIC. Check out pics and description on Honda CBR250RR 1999 MC22 Australian delivered for sale
  16. Buy & Sell
    Hey fellow 250 riders, Just looking for some near new or good condition Switchblocks/Switchgears for my cbr250rr, both left hand and right hand. Cheers! :p
  17. CBR250 Forum
    Hey guys, picked up my '98 cbr250rr a month ago and loving it so far. Had a couple of small issues. When I start the bike cold I need to twist the throttle while pressing the starter. It's not a big issue but it'd be nice to fix. And today I noticed the front left indicator has stopped...
  18. CBR250 Forum
    Does anyone in Brisbane have stock exhaust for the CBR250RR that I could borrow for a roadworthy? Otherwise, does anyone have one I could buy? Thanks!
  19. CBR250 Forum
    Good day guys, I hope you bear with me since I recently joined the cbr250rr mc22 group and keen to grab some knowledge of you guys! Just wondering if there was any thread with pictures on how to do a coolant flush on my cbr if there is any? Or if anyone could guide me through...
  20. CBR250 Forum
    g'day everyone! Just got myself a 1990 CBR and was wondering if anyone knows a reliable mechanic around the South East Melbourne suburbs who won't charge an arm and a leg? cheers and lookin forward to being part of this community!
1-20 of 29 Results