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    Hi everyone. new to the forum. I recently had an accident on my 92 mc22 and decided to tear it down and rebuild it. the bike came with a nassert basic exhaust but it got scratched up in the crash so I decided to buy a musarri pipe. I was wondering if it is necessary to rejet the carbs to get it...
  2. Buy & Sell
    MC22 Rear side fairings and RR Racing Exhaust (everything in picture including the clamp for exhaust). The pipe between the header and exhaust sleave may need trimming to get a fit. (very easy to do) There is no rubber that goes around the exhaust clamp Only asking $100 for the lot. email...
  3. Buy & Sell
    well its not that urgent but i'm impatient. i am looking for preferably a carbon musarri slip on for my mc22 (1992 CBR250RR), i live on the sunshine coast but am willing to ride a long distance ( if the price is right haha ). if its not carbon i may be interested THANKS! :D
1-3 of 3 Results