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  1. CBR250 Forum
    Hi all, I'm new to the forums, hopefully you can help me out. I'm after the same fairing kit as whats currently installed on my bike. I have looked around at the online stores and even talked to my local dealer but they're unable to help. All suggestions are welcome.
  2. Buy & Sell
    Had a tumble today and was hoping to pick up some Fresh stuff Orignal Tri-Colour kit (A stretch I know) Right hand side engine Case Mirrors Indicators Right Brake Lever (Hand actuated) Will update as I look over the bike over the day. Thanks Guys -John
  3. Buy & Sell
    MC22 Rear side fairings and RR Racing Exhaust (everything in picture including the clamp for exhaust). The pipe between the header and exhaust sleave may need trimming to get a fit. (very easy to do) There is no rubber that goes around the exhaust clamp Only asking $100 for the lot. email...
  4. CBR250 Forum
    So my bike (1990 cbr250rr) is running schmick, and it needs some new fairings. I am thinking about getting blue movistar fairings and installing a carbon fiber exhaust to make the bike look like the picture below. Only problem is that I am a little bit worried that the resale won't be great...
1-4 of 4 Results