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  1. CBR250R Forum (2011+)
    Normally everyone can do oil change but you should keep in mind that you should flush your engine with any of the normal mineral oil you can get in the market every 12000km or so before changing the engine oil brand..This way you can keep you engine neat and smooth...
  2. CBR250 Forum
    Hi everyone. new to the forum. I recently had an accident on my 92 mc22 and decided to tear it down and rebuild it. the bike came with a nassert basic exhaust but it got scratched up in the crash so I decided to buy a musarri pipe. I was wondering if it is necessary to rejet the carbs to get it...
  3. Maintenance
    Hey, I have an oldschool mc19 (1989) Im going to change oil tomorrow and have a new filter with new seals for the filter and plug. I feel confident with that part.. BUT With the other bolt... the Sump plug.. Ive heard that it also needs to be replaced once its been drained otherwise oil will...
1-3 of 3 Results