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  1. Front fork and misc. issues

    CBR250 Forum
    I've been riding a cbr250 for about 3 months now. I bought it used with 500 miles, and now I have it well over 1500. The only maintenance I've done is an oil change, and cleaning/tightening my chain. Just today i noticed that my front fork was bouncing a lot when I used my front brake, and after...
  2. MC22 - 1990 - Front shock/suspension options

    CBR250 Forum
    Hey guys, My first post on the CBR250 forums. I have a MC22 babyblade and I had a unfortunate accident a few weeks back :( Long story short but I am chasing up some options/replacement shocks for my bike. I have a serve dint in the bottom left casting of my bike. This is leaking fluid and i...
  3. FS: Complete front end MC22 CBR250RR

    Buy & Sell
    Selling my complete front end from my MC22 CBR250RR. Everything needed for a swap to the new CBR250R or anything else with a 37mm front fork. Forks are in excellent shape with no pitting and seals are all in good shape with no leaks. Always stored inside and never ridden in the rain. The rim...
  4. WTB (QLD) mc22 forks, ac bikes 600rr front end for mc22

    Buy & Sell
    hello i had an accident involving a gravel patch ... :-( any way me and my bike made acquaintances with a guard rail and bent the forks pretty bad. so thats urgentish. i tried to email ac bikes about the 600rr front end for the mc22 but 3 months later still no response. is this a real...
  5. CBR 250RR ~ CBR 954RR Front End Conversion (Lots of Pictures)

    Project Bikes
    Here's my conversion I'm slowly gathering parts for. I'm putting on CBR 954 USD forks with an RC51 SP1 front wheel to match the 6 spoke design of the 250. Don't have all the parts yet, still waiting on the front wheel to come in the mail but got board on a rainy day and decided to do a test fit...