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    Hey everyone, the short version of my story is I live in the US and bought an imported MC22 (1990) about a year or two ago and after it started having some issues, I took it in to a shop, and it's basically all done but they've discovered a hole that's worn in one of the bodies of the carbs, and...
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    Asking price $4,500 Check it out here: Honda CBR250RR Fireblade for sale
  3. Buy & Sell
    For sale, $4,400 CBR250RR MC22 Fireblade in Noble Park, VIC. Check out pics and description on Honda CBR250RR 1999 MC22 Australian delivered for sale
  4. Buy & Sell
    I originally had this bike with the intention of using it as spare parts for my other Honda. I bought this bike from a previous member and due to work commitment and lack of genuine interest decided to re-post with a new price and pics. I have gotten the spare parts needed and will sell now as...
  5. CBR250 Forum
    Hey guys I have a 88 mc19 and I want it to end up just being a track bike when I get a bigger bike and I was wondering if it would be possible to put a nsr250 motor in it as it nearly has 80,000k's on it, For the people who are going to say dont worry about cause it will cost to much I dont...
  6. Buy & Sell
    Re advertising this one as the other thread had interest but not what I was after. So will sell them separately with new prices History: Had this bike for 5 years and was my only way of transport for a while. I eventually got a car and it ended up not getting used as much as it should and just...
  7. Buy & Sell
    So its finally time for a upgrade which means time to sell the 2 bikes I have. I have had the first bike for a while and the second was only for a spare for the first and was hoping to make it into a project but got a job so had no time. I am selling these as double and can provide a cheap tower...
  8. CBR250 Forum
    Hi all, new member and recently acquired a 1989 cbr250R grey import. Only paid $700 for it and it has 6months rego. So we couldn't get it started the day I picked it up due to a dead battery so brought a new one. Then it would wind but was not sparking. So I pulled the number 1 plug out and...
1-8 of 8 Results