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  1. CBR250 Forum
    Just bought myself an MC19 last week and I'm wondering what thread size is the steering nut. And is the top of the fork tube hollow? As I want to change it out so that I can put a quad lock on. Which fits into the hole on the steering nut.
  2. CBR250 Forum
    Hi everyone, bit of a long one, I've been chasing down problems with my mc19 for a while now and have narrowed it down to valves/timing or cdi. Most other things have been checked. The bike used to run, but barely, with little power and was hard to start. I found the exuast was clogged with...
  3. CBR250 Forum
    Last time I rode my bike was sometime last month. Tried to take out yesterday night and couldn't get the push start going. Cranks up but won't turn over. Dash lights and blinkers work so I assume battery is fine. Since it has been very humid/hot I suspect moisture may have gotten in fuel. Also...
  4. CBR250 Forum
    Had to leave my bike sitting a few weeks due to work and went to go start her up but won't start now. It chugs along for the first few seconds then just dies. It's summertime where I am but we've had a few cold rainy days. I'm not a mechanical dude but if anyone has some ideas on stuff I could...
  5. Maintenance
    Found this on another CBR250R page. The images are a lot clearer than other manuals I've seen. Let me know if the link dies. I can re-upload. Enjoy: Dropbox Link
  6. CBR250 Forum
    Replaced the battery on my mc19 and I want to test the bike if it runs. But I couldn't found where this goes if it evens needs to go anywhere also found wire that looks cut off.
  7. CBR250 Forum
    Hi guys, my mc19 is in desperate need of new carb diaphragms but I can only find mc22 and mc17 chinese stuff online?! The mc22 looks different so that won't do but will the mc17 diaphragms work? I'll call my local dealers but for a bike over 30 years old I doubt they can help me.
  8. CBR250 Forum
    Hey guys new here and now a first time MC19 owner. I have a few issues with my bike. Some ive seen answers for in other forums but theres another odd problem too. So i got the bike cheap because it was low on power. Hard starting but would start after about 5 sec of cranking. Once running it...
  9. Project Bikes
    Just bought my first Honda cbr250 1989 mc19 as a project bike, having great fun working on the bike and facing the challenge head on. My first time digging into an engine but I'm happy to have some experience. Got the bike running and after a carbie clean I noticed vapor coming from the exhaust...
  10. General Technical
    Hey guys I have an 88 cbr250r and ive been told I'm up for a rebuild. I was wondering if all the people saying I can use mc22 internals are right. Or alternatively can I put the mc22 engine into my mc19 frame! Thanks in advance guys
  11. Buy & Sell
    I'm selling my MC19. Complete bike. Runs, but not well - needs a good tune. Has been sitting in the garage for the last year, so it needs to go (new job, and now I cycle to work). Extras - braided front brake lines, ecliptech headlight controller, ecliptech LED brake lights. Selling as-is...
  12. Buy & Sell
    Hey all, I have some MC 19 parts for sale i have two box's of stuff going cheap, Have a complete dash with headlights and bracket good condition, And a few other parts ill upload some pictures tomorrow. Can post Australia wide.
  13. Buy & Sell
    WRECKING MY MC19 CBR 250R All Parts currently there starting from $5 Forks $110 Tank (Requires respray & some dents pulled out) $60 Exhaust $90 Engine $250 Wheels $250 (Near new tyres) Swingarm $150 Carbies $100 Frame $150 (Registerable) Subframe $80 CBR600 F4I rear shock $70...
  14. CBR250 Forum
    Hi I recently bought a MC19 and it took me two weeks to notice that what looks like an engine mounting bolt on the left hand side is missing, Finding a bolt should be easy enough but that space between the frame and starter motor is quite large, does anyone know if there is any spacer or...
  15. CBR250 Forum
    Hi all, First time posting here but have been reading for some time now. I am a new comer to the CBR crowd but loving every second of it. My baby is a 89 MC19 with repsol fairings and colour matched tank. After riding for a bit and some strange things happening with my engine I decided to...
  16. CBR250 Forum
    Took dash out of my mc19 to fix spedo Put it back in now it won't rev past 5k when riding Checked plugs and I've plugged them all back in, have no clue what it could be
  17. Project Bikes
    Hey, so I have a nice little mc19 runs fine all good. I also have a write-off mc22. I want to use the mc19 block but use the mc22 internals, but keeping the cams and other parts from the mc19. I read a site ages ago, but cant find it again. Something like mc19 block - mc22 crank, pistons, mc22...
  18. CBR250 Forum
    My bike is a 1988 CBR250r So basicly I've done everything to check why my cbr isnt starting and i checked the wire outlets for the fuel pump and they are good so that leaves me with the conclusion that the fuel pump's days are over. Ive had a look around for a new fuel pump and apparently they...
1-20 of 35 Results