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  1. Buy & Sell
    Hey all, I have some MC 19 parts for sale i have two box's of stuff going cheap, Have a complete dash with headlights and bracket good condition, And a few other parts ill upload some pictures tomorrow. Can post Australia wide.
  2. Buy & Sell
    Hey fellow 250 riders, Just looking for some near new or good condition Switchblocks/Switchgears for my cbr250rr, both left hand and right hand. Cheers! :p
  3. CBR250 Forum
    Hey guys, new to both the forums and the DIY service scene, so here we go! Picked up my MC19 a few weeks ago, and I think it's safe to say that while she does run beautifully, I'd prefer to be proactive than reactive. I'm trying to throw together a list of parts that I'll need as well as suss...
  4. Buy & Sell
    I have decided I will rebuild from what is left of my donor bike for my current 250rr, am after motor with or without carbs, along with forks front rim and tripple plates, Will buy parts individualy and happy to buy complete/incomplete bike as parts will simply ad to my small catalog of spares...
  5. Buy & Sell
    FS: wrecking mc22 QLD CHEAP!! (phots and prices now inc.) hello i have acquired a mc22 and used what i needed and have the rest left over. i will list what i have used and almost everything that hasnt been listed will probably be available. SO I HAVE USED / SOLD (NO LONGER AVAIL) : ENGINE...
  6. Buy & Sell
    Hey guys, Parting out my MC22. PM me with any parts you're after, i'll try get a list of parts/prices up soon. Will keep updated with anything that gets sold. No pics yet as bike is still in once piece. Don't really want to pull it all apart, as I'm low on space and don't want everything laying...
  7. CBR250 Forum
    Hey guys, Im finally nearing the end of my HSC major work and I need to find an mc19 tank with no rust to re paint (my project is an airbrushing job on the fairings didnt even realise i would need a new tank till now as im planning to keep my old scheme in someway to swap etc so ill need two...
1-7 of 7 Results