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    My bike is a 1988 CBR250r So basicly I've done everything to check why my cbr isnt starting and i checked the wire outlets for the fuel pump and they are good so that leaves me with the conclusion that the fuel pump's days are over. Ive had a look around for a new fuel pump and apparently they...
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    Hi Guys, Just a quick question, I've just finished installing new carby boots but i had a hard time trying to get the damn carby installed back onto the bike (finally managed to get it back on with brute force after 2 hours, tried heating the rubber, using lubricants & even putting them into a...
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    First CBR and first post, so here goes! I bought a CBR250RR with engine problems a couple of weeks ago and was told that the pulse generator is faulty. Have checked the pulse generator and found the coil resistance to be within spec. The bike turns over but sometimes hits a "Hard Spot" and...
1-3 of 3 Results