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    Hey everyone. My Cbr250RK mc19 is not sparking on cylinder 2 and 3 when the engine is cold. Once the engine starts to warm up, starts running on all 4 cylinders but misfiring on 2 and 3 sometimes. ( I Know this, as I have put the ignition light onto the HT leads. The ignition on cylinder 1 and 4...
  2. CBR250 Forum
    hi everybody! so i am new owner of my first bike cbr 250rr (most like is it first bike i've ever seen) i paid to my brother bring me the bike from hungary, and i saw the bike for first time just week ago. bike is in bad condition, but repairable - i didn't care, because in my part of world is...
  3. CBR250 Forum
    so i this weekend i decided it was time for a new rear tyre, everything went fine in getting the wheel off, to the shop, and back on the bike. however when i went to start her back up she cranked over ran on 2 or 3 cylinders (sounded like a tractor). i decided to jump on and see if giving her a...
  4. CBR250 Forum
    Hi i have a CBR250RR the bike will not crank. I can push start it but when pressing the ignition there is no sound. the bike will die if you dont rev. The starter relay plug located below the seat is a bit corroded, plastic is a bit melted and metal is a bit dirty o.O. do you think thats the...
1-4 of 4 Results