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  1. alarm installation help - lights don't flash

    CBR250R Forum (2011+)
    Hey folks, I bought my first bike a few weeks ago (CBR250R) so I'm new to motorcycles, but I've been under the hood of my cars for 20+ years. I'm not a mechanic, but I have a decent amount of experience when it comes to starters, alternators, stereos, etc. So, after hearing horror stories about...
  2. Switchgear problems—Rear lights turn off with left side indicator

    General Technical
    I've been having some unusual problems with a 1989 MC19; whenever I turn on the left side indicator, the rear lights and instrument lights shut off (and turn back on as soon as the switch is reset). When I first bought the bike this only happened with the instruments, however a few months back...
  3. CBR400RR NC29 Stick conversion, need some assistance.

    CBR400 Forum
    Hi all, I have attempted to do a stick conversion on my NC29 race bike I have coils from an 07 cbr600rr which are perfect. The problem I have is the wiring... I have it all setup and turn it over I get backfires through the carbs and out the exhaust as well, clearly somewhere I have gone...