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I took my 1991 MC22 to the track yesterday on it's first outing in my possession. It tops out at 110kph and takes a long time to get there, and I can't get into 5th or 6th gear because it just sits at the same speed.

It seems to rev nicely to about 10k rpm but then hits a wall.

Prior to taking the bike out, here's what I did to it:

New plugs, air filter, oil, oil filter
Carbs professionally cleaned
New carb boots
New fuel tap and vacuum hose
New chain/sprockets
New coolant/water wetter

It was overheating early on but it was also 104degF / 40degC at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway. The reservoir overflowed and emptied water onto the ground after the first couple sessions so I replaced the water each time to make sure it was ready for the next outing. Later on, the temp gauge got up to the M in "TEMP" and stayed there.

After my last session, it stopped making power and slowed down even though I was rolling on the throttle as seen in my video below.

Is this a tuning issue? Something catastrophically wrong in the engine? It has 34,500 km on it.

Here's video from yesterday:

Here's video from a guy in NZ tearing it up, this kind of speed is what I expected. You can see how rev happy his bike is and it shoots to 160kph+ very quickly.
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