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2004 600rr into MC22 frame? Possible?

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Scored a cheap 600rr motor, low klm but cracked near a mounting point. Will need a teardown and a tig weld done.
Would my 10 dollar lump fit into a MC22 frame?
Im guess it will need to be tilted forward 10 degrees or so, the old frame pickups may need cutting with bespoke machined pickups tig welded into place.
Has anybody tried this swap?
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I've looked at it this. I've got '05 and '07 CBR600RR along with MC19 and MC22.

You'll have to heavily modify frame to accept engine. Swingarm pivot goes through both frame AND engine on 600RR. Issue is space inside frame for swingarm+engine is about 30mm too narrow on MC22. You'd have to chop frame vertically at rear and spread out that much then weld back and line-bore pivot holes. Second and 3rd rear engine-mount holes on 600RR also goes through side of frame rather than tabs for really solid mounting.

You'll need all 600RR's other components: swingarm+shock, harness, ECU, fuel-pump+lines airbox, tank, exhaust, etc. People have tried swapping in 600RR into CBR600F of various generations and using carburetors. But ends up with vastly wrong AFR (both too lean and too rich). Result was weaker engine than original F engine.

For amount of work involved, I would just build chromoly trellis frame from scratch to hold that 600RR engine.

Easiest to just have one of each.

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Nice MC22 you have, i know it might seem silly to mod the 250, i had one for 2 years 2003 to 2005 and i have good memories of the bikes turn in, it was a bike that loved sharp cornering.
The 900 was fun in a roller coaster way, but handled like balancing a milk crate full of bricks on a bmxs cross bar.
I never rode a 600, i may need to now.
Yeah, 2007+ 600RR are quite fun! Lightest of them all! Similar idea to 900RR, but not quite as twitchy. It's actually faster than 900RRs except for final 954 generation. Electronic steering-damper helps. Mine's down to 172kg with 4-litres petrol as I'm slowly converting to track bike. :)

I'm thinking of converting MC19 to EFI with turbo...
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