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250RR Gear Shifter

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Hey guys I just bought new boots and unlike my old ones, these are propper boots.

But i'm having trouble changing up gears! I really have to twitst my leg and foot to be able to get my foot underneath, and then almost have to pull my leg up to change gear.

Now, I hear there are shifters you can get for people with big feet. They would be perfect! I have looked everywhere but can't seem to find them....

Even if i was to 'lift' the shifter possition up a little it would help.
As you can probably tell, I'm a noob. Any help would be great.

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look at adjustable rearsets on ebay or similar.
You can simply adjust the current gear lever by undoing the two 10mm nuts and rotating the gear shift linkage to your desired location, then re-tighten the two nuts.. Simple..
try what GSXR750K4 said. I had the same trouble and it worked for me
Thanks heaps.

Now, time to tighten the chain...... Or leave it for a mechanic lol
PsYcHo said:
Thanks heaps.

Now, time to tighten the chain...... Or leave it for a mechanic lol
Loosen the axle nut and tighten both adjuster's the exact same amount on each side.. Re-tighten axle nut and job done..

Don't waste your money at the mechanics, do it yourself, it's easy and there's heaps of tutorials on this forum to help..
+1 on what GSXR750K4 said but remember, the tension indicators are NOT the end of the swing arm (common noob mistake) they are the marks ON the swing arm, make sure your marks on your tensoiners line up with the marks on your swing arm on both sides.

plus don't over tighten, 30mm of play is desired amount measured just behind your left rearset in an up and down motion.
Sweet, all done. You guys rock!
Sounds like you just need to break your boots in. Wear they around for a week... might make a big difference to wear them in and loosen them up.
+1 to Eclipze's post, new boots make for a huge difference in riding. I wear tactical (combat) boots and they are a lot bigger than normal biker boots, so had to adjust my shifter to suit. But once worn in a little bit, you might need to adjust the shifter again...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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