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50% off battery sale..which battery fits the mc22?

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I just went to Kmart to buy a bike cover and found that theres a 50% sale on all motorbike batteries.
I'm not at home right now so I cant check the size/type of battery that fits the mc22.
Would anyone be able to tell me?
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Dynavolt YTX7L-BS
thanks eclipze,
I don't think they have dynavolt's but im not too fussed about the brand if they're half price.[hr]
PS. if anyone local would like one.. speak up now.
might go get one me think... tonight

i used a kmart battery in my old bike ninexz and it worked fine!
make sure it doesn't have the acid in yet.
You'll be looking for a 7Ah battery. MAKE SURE you take a diagram/tape measure with you, so you can check which side the terminals are on and which end the positive needs to be. Batteries don't all have them in the same positions.
well, I came home empty handed.
It didn't look like any of the ones they had there fit. The brand was "excide" so the product codes are different and I had to compare sizes from memory.
They had a little book to tell you which battery for what bike. It had just about every other bike but the cbr250.
Heres a spec sheet I found on their website:
Im gonna have rummage for my old battery and measure it up[hr]
well... looks like none of them will fit :(
what kmart mate? i just went to mine and came home empty also..i took an old battery in with me :)
bondi junction. I went on the exide website and it doesn't look like they have one that fits, unless I missed it somewhere.
Although I did have a look through the catalogue they have on the shelf and they have all of the other honda 250 bikes but the cbr.
they do mate cause i got my last cbr250 battery from kmart before i sold my bike ..okay i check sylvania lol
^^ i think its a standard....like AA batteries....
i gave the code to the battery guy and they had their own brand..........
i think the bs at the end might tell you which side neg and pos are on...
absolutely sure?
I went through their website, even the product specs (http://www.exide.com.au/products/motor-cycle.php) and theres nothing even starting with YT.
The battery we want needs to be 12V,7Ah. There is not even a 7Ah on their products list.

if you go here and have a look at the picture they have:
the third battery from the left looks like it would be the one we are after, correct?
Ninexz said:
The battery we want needs to be 12V,7Ah. There is not even a 7Ah on their products list.
7Ah is just the capacity of the battery (how much power it'll give before it's flat), 6Ah would be fine.

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