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Accelerator/Throttle cable

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Hey guys
I was gonna clean my carbs today, so took my fairings off
took the fuel tank off, took out the air filter and filter box
disconnected the carbs, took the choke cable out
but i have no idea how to disconnect the accelerator cable

i'll try and get some pics up soon but im going out now
my friend has all the pics on his camera and once he sends them to me i'll upload them

I have a MC 19, so yeah

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was going to do the same thing today, got all the fairings off, and the tank but the light got too bad too quick and gave up until tomorrow..

im hoping its the same process for the mc22 as its the same engine?
you need to loosen the adjuster nuts on the cable so you can click em out of the bracket. then shove em through the bracket, and pull the hammer looking thing out of its seat.

Then pull the cable out. Do the top one first.
im not sure if its the same as an mc 22

i did loosen the adjuster nuts and the cable popped out of where it was sitting from but then both the thin inside wires are like connected to a pulley and it has a spring on each side of the pulley

where is this hammer thing that your talking of?
yeah the hammer thing is at the end of what you described as a pulley. Its a little metal bit that sits at the end of the thin wire.
If you pick up your carbs and push them towards the front of the bike, you can see the thin wire come off the pulley slightly, lift it up with your finger and trace the wire to the very end, you will see that there is a little notch which will allow you to push the wire around and get the "hammer" out.
Did it today, but once again, pretty hard to explain without pics.
ah...ok that makes more sense thanks
im gonna finish off the rest of the stuff on monday hopefully

i will upload some pics for noobs like me, once i get the pics from my mate
Ninexz said:
pretty hard to explain without pics.
I think you did pretty well. I'd attempted to write up a response earlier but failed miserably. :dodgy:
I spent an hour trying to work out how to disconnect the throttle lol. wow did i feel stupid afterward. Happens to the best of us.

make sure you don't excessively bend the wire or you could kink/tear it.
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