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Hi guys, not sure if this is a good idea but the only thing that could go wrong is a dead battery so do this at your own risk.
I recently decided that the 250rr is probably going to be my one and only bike for a while, until I decide that ringing out a 250 isn’t fun anymore, and I use it for touring, getting to and from work, as well as some track days planned for the future. I also thought of camping/road tripping with it. Yea it’s not really an off-road anything but, if I stay on pavement, I’d love to just ride it non stop. And I love the little, but useful boot it has. One problem is that I’d love to have all my things topped up and charged on the long journeys I take with the little fire blade, as well as a charged phone. So I got some wire from Repco, about 3mm thick one, and put some battery connectors on the ends and soldered the wires to the power end of a Kmart 12v car usb output charger. One with 18w usbc PD and one quick charge usb. I then wired it and attached it from the battery to the boot of the bike, so my battery bank could be topped up and charged in there, as well as anything else like those portable car starters.
—yes temp mounting method is tape :/ will 3d print some enclosure or something—-

I also ran a on/off switch though it as I wanted to be able to turn the feature off, if it causes problems. And so far so good 😂. Apart from this he headlights currently throw light everywhere and don’t beam them anywhere. Might be from the 55w LEDS in them instead of the actual stock lights, burning the reflective coating. I guess I’ll figure that out another time.
I have a similar setup on mine, using a batterytender SAE > USB converter. haven't had a need to tape it or throw it into an eclosure but your setup is a little different. there should be negligible draw if you don't have anything charging with the bike off. Mine is permanently connected, unless I know I'm not going to be riding for a while and put it on a battery tender.

55W is going to cause more problems than it's worth IMHO, but then again I don't like riding at night. Mine came with 55W/60Wish bulbs in it that were not mounted properly and it was melting the reflector. I was happy to find that the correct bulb still fit, the light was actually aimed, and only slightly disappointed that the light was dimmer. If I wanted to make them brighter I'd be looking at LED to see if I can drop the watts drawn and I believe they would also run cooler. I had a hell of a time finding H4 bulbs here, so doubt an H4 LED conversion would be easy to come by on this side of the pond.
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