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Alpinestar SMX-5 Boots, 96 CBR250RR Carbies, Panasonic Camera

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Hey all,

Got some shiz forsale, all in the Brisbane area but I am willing to post the items.

AlpineStar SMX-5 Boots in Black. Bought them 10 months ago and haven't worn them for about 2 months now. I thought they would stretch more but they didn't so they're a little small for me. Good condition, little skuff marks on the toe and some meat off the sliders.

$175 ono

Carbies of a 1996 CBR250RR. Very good condition. I have put 115 Jets in them with new 35 Slow Jets. They also have 4 washers under the needle (all 0.5mm). Was going to use them but decided I'm too lazy. I also have a bag of carbie spares (needles, jets, springs, floats etc) to come with them. And a Balancer, which I will sell seperate if you don't want it. The carbies are spotless.

$200 with Balancer, $150 without

And last of all. A Panasonic Lumix TZ6 Camera. 10megapixel, 12x optical zoom. I don't need it as I have an SLR camera now

$150 ($250 to $300 New)

Cheers, Marc.
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PM sent
Carbies Sold - Pending Payment Clear
Camera - Under Expressed Interest
Boots for $175 are still available
Euro 45, USA 11 and they're Globes. When I tried them on I had thin socks on, not the usual ones I wear hah.

Carbies are now gooooooooone.
pics and info on globes are where?
Same as these http://www.shopatron.com/products/productdetail/SCRIBE/part_number=GBSCRIBE/537. But I'm not selling my shoes lol
Dude what size do u usually wear...? an Aussie male ?? 10 or 11 or something?

I bought some that are waaay too big for me SMX super tech with the ankle supports...
I still have the boots for sale.
Where in Brisbane are you ?

If they fit me, I'll take them....
Where in Brissy are you?
also where in bris u live i wouldn't mind having a look
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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