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Another Bike Choosing Thread

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Hey guys again. Excuse me for asking so many questions on buying a bike but I am soooooooooooo confused right now on which bike to buy :S lol bear with me. In my old thread I stated the CBR-250 or the KYMCO Quannon 125. (I took out 2 strokes from my list since there annoying to maintain). Now.

The KYMCO Quannon 2009 is 125cc and around 13-14HP. If i choose this bike Il be buying it brand new on zero and it will come with 1 year rego. Its light etc and fun. It is taiwanese BUT apparently KYMCO builds/makes parts for BMW bikes and Honda bikes so they look pretty good (also comes with a 2 year warrantee from dealer which Il be buying from). So now I got an option the Quannon 125 for around $3500-4000 brand new but itll be slow as a slug (top speed 120-130kmh) (0-100km in 14 sec) (not a bad thing since im a learner it will be good enough not to get me killed). It goes 400km on a single tank and its a four stroke so easy maintenance. They also look really nice. (Google them to know more)

The Honda CBR-250RR... I dont need to explain this one since everyone knows it :D but if I buy this bike most likely it will be around $3500-4500 price range and be at like 25000-50000km mileage so the engine is pretty old. But the speed and power on this thing will be fantastic. When im on my green Ps or something it will be strong enough to take a pillion and when I have more confidence I can go faster.

What to do??? To all those experienced bike riders what do you prefer to get first? A Quannon 125 get the experience with a BRAND new bike then sell it on my Green Ps or stick with the old cibblet and go fast and die (hehe just kidding) and have fun on a old machine.

Thanks everyone.
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My Kymco will be worth less than a reacharound from a taiwanese ladyboy in 18 months time.

You can sell your cibblet for what you buy it for, practically guaranteed. Dont worry about warranty, in all honesty.
Is the KYMCO Quannon 125 the same as a cbr125r?

I cbf researching two bikes i have no real intrest in..
from a learners point of view, id say get a new bike if you are short on time
i had the same option half a year ago and i got an old one, and i've had my fair share of problems
but i want to learn to work on bikes and so i got a used bike

anyway, id say get a slightly used/new cbr 125 instead of a kymco if you dont really wanna spend too much time working on your bike
the cbr 125 probably has a bit more hp than the kymco, plus its a great bike for learning and its new, so parts are readily available
also its honda and its been around Australia for a while and their bikes are reliable and bulletproof
its better than experimenting with new brands

get a cbr 250 if you dont mind spending time on working on your bike, but definitely get it checked out by a mechanic before you buy 1

also get a mc22 as there are more parts for it than the mc 19
some quick ways of identifying them would be
1. mc 22 wheels have 6 spokes, mc 19 wheels have 3
2. mc 22 front has 2 disc brakes whereas mc 19 has 1 but a bigger one
3. mc 22 would have a light for the side stand on the dash

if you have some more money consider the kawasaki ninja 250
i think this is probably the most common learner bike

there is also hyosung gt250r, but i wouldnt go there
all their pre 2007 bikes had a crapload of problems and im not sure if their quality is still upto the mark

EDIT: actually avoid getting a new bike, i just realised you'll probably drop it(almost everyone does) and then you'll be very sad to see your brand new fairings scratched
its better to get a slighty used but not something which has done over 50 000 ks
at least when you drop it, you wont be sad and you wont lose much money when you sell it
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lol dont do it,
I rode around for a year on a 125 ehh
FFS, how hard is it to find your old thread and add to it? :mad:
FBS02 said:
FFS, how hard is it to find your old thread and add to it? :mad:
do you want a tissue?, how hard is it to realise its the same guy and not look at this thread? its not like you have to read it.

dont be a sook.:newspaper:
Don't buy anything with as little power as 13hp, remember there are head winds and hills which will take a big chunk out of both top speed and acceleration. You'll be cursing your decision right about the time you get passed by a semi trailer on a freeway because you can't even maintain 100.
mewnz said:
Buy my vtr250 :)
Do it, haven't heard too many bad things about them.

They look pretty good, have more power than the cbr125, don't have expensive fairings to fix up if you drop them, have a forgiving riding position, etc.

ps, that smiley is tripping me out... all backwards and such.
VTR250 is a pretty good starter bike as well, I started on one, although they're not as quick as a CBR250 but they are arguably easier to service if you want to do it yourself. EDIT: Oh, and much cheaper to insure than any faired bike. I think my insurance was something like $150 for full comp when I sold mine (age 27)
out of thoes two decitions i would go the cbr as it will hold its value and keep up with traffic up a hill. have you thought about a motard like a suziki drz 400?
if you're gunna buy the kymco 125 you might as well save a bit of money and just buy a pushy with a whipper snipper engine on it....just as quick but no rego....WINNER!

buy mewnz' VTR 250.
I started on a VTR250.. They are a nice ride. The riding position I found was quite comfortable too.
The downside I found to them was that over 80km/hr you lost any kick in the bike so if someone came into your lane, you either braked or you were stuck there. The CBR250 still had kick over 80km/hr.
The other part was at 110km/hr the VTR250 vibrated more through the bars than the CBR250. I was lead to believe this had something to do with it being a V-Twin.
Nice bike though.
Dont get a 125 unless its a two stroke!! I stupidly bought a cbr125r back in the day and had the same mentality as you, very easy bikes to learn on but after maybe two weeks i can garantee that you will be bored out of your mind and end up getting a cbr250 or similar (its what i did). They are incredibly gutless and bearly held 100km/h, awesome fuel economy however lol, was getting round 2L/100km lol.

But yes, it may be newer so less problems etc (which is what i thought too) but its not worth the severe boredom, you'll kick yourself if you get the 125.
I would stick with the CBR. Remember a 125 wont give you much power. Once you have it you would probably get board real fast. I rode a CBR 125 this week end. It was okay but had no balls at all. Plus at least the cbr 250 looks bigger then it is and has a half descent rear wheel size.
Pick one with wheels... they're always the best.
don't get a 125 unless your push bike has too much power for you...
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