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Another New Bike Thread

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couldn't help it...i'm too excited about getting a new bike. so here it is...

finally off restrictions and got myself a 2003 SV650S. thanks Slojo for riding it home for me in the cold rain. hahaha.

has anyone on here owned one of these before?

question i wanted to ask is if anyone knows any good places in aus that sell the lower fairings for the sv650s? genuine suzuki is like over $500...a bit of a rip off no?

there was a member on here recently that was selling cbr250 fairings and other fairings as well...anyone remember his name?
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Congrats on the new wheels mate :dance:
I've ridden a SV650 (non 'S' model) and it was awesome!!!
Is this one stock?
I have heard of people putting GSXR forks in it which seems like a good idea as the forks are normally pretty soft right.

Anyway, congrats! It looks great, bet you're happy.
Nice bike. I almost got one myself, lovely thing to ride.
nice bike mate go the suzuki!!!!!!!!!!
Bloke at uni with the strongest handshake I have ever experienced rides one. So obviously you will develop mad grip strength!

Congrats on the new steed
sweet bike vlam, these are huge in the US and they do a full fairing for them over there.....they look UBER hot!
nice ride buddy! grats on the upgrade. must be different to the vtr hey?
congrats vien! i never knew u could by lower fairings for this bike?!??! any pics?! would look insane!!!
^ what he said. i need to get some lower fairings for it big time. was bidding on a set on ebay last night but it went for over 400 bucks. i wasn't sure if 400 was worth it??? opinions?

also took it out for a spin today...and i was smiling like a schoolgirl, probably just like everyone else here the first time they rode their first big bike. :D

compared to the old vtr, it no doubt shits all over it. fuel injection makes it so much smoother. of course there is more power. handling is also so much better and the bike just feels solid and stable.

i thought it'd take me a while to get used to the extra weight, size, power, and riding position of the bike...but it really feels no different. :)
Full fairing is a must, going by that pic. Very very nice
vlam do a search on US ebay, these bikes have a massive following over there. they actually have a complete racing series for them and i've seen quite a few sites that sell both ABS & fibreglass road and track fairings.

i was looking at buying an SV thou when i upgraded, can't remember the sites but google is your friend.

try SVrider.com (i think) it's a massive forum, they might be able to point you in the right direction.
don't get the full fairings!
leave her as is
i've always thought the fully faired versions looked a bit weird
you idiot! you let those ebay fairings go?! lol!
congrats on the new bike

heres some pics of my old 1000s with the full fairings

miss the old girl..i hope the new ownder has looked after her[hr]
oh and of you do score the fairings off ebay make sure they come with the fitting kit... its basically a kit full of brackets and bolts to marry up the fairings to the frame, the fairings wont go on without it!
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I've always love the 650s model - I was considering one when I was looking for a DRZ. Bloody good bikes!

And FWIW, the gsxr fork mod is fairly common from what I've read - and changes the whole bike!

Although, if I were you I wouldn't go for the full fairing kit but rather a bikini fairing. They're much better looking and preserve the naked muscle look of the bike. I like the fully faired look, but I just think it makes it look too much like another sports bike when the SVs are so much more... Unleash the Nekkid Fury!

It's a 2010 model, but you get the idea...

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not gonna lie, the bikini fairing looks the goods
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