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anyone got a room for rent in melb?

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didnt know where to put this, but buy and sell seems right??

probably no chance anyway, but may as well ask.

I'm in need of a room in the next fortnight-month or so, things arent going too well at home, and i wanna leave before it gets worse.

and i thought, well i wouldnt mind living with someone who rides.. im looking in plenty of other places, but thought i might as well post in here too.

i realise beggars cant be choosers, but yeah...
looking at paying $100 a week + bills, negotiable obviously..

firstly, im not a criminal lol, I work in gaming, so have to have a completly clean record to get it. nothing more than a speeding fine..

im not a druggie(nothing against druggies), i dont smoke(nothing against smokers), i drink socially(nothing against drunks lol) and im not violent or aggressive.

i work full time and can support myself fully, id just rather not rent my own place yet whilst im still saving for the future..

I can bring my own bed, tv, computer, possibly a ps3/wii. and im getting a 42"/50" plasma/lcd hopefully this week.

what im looking for(beggars cant be choosers obviously, so im not fussed if there isnt one or the other :) )

wireless internet
with a garage preferably, to keep my bike in, and a few bits and pieces.
close to the beach, frankston train line, so anywhere between ormond-moorabbin-frankston..(again this is just optional)

one last thing, please dont turn this into an epic lol thread
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The epic lol thread remark was a mistake. There will now be lols. With that in mind, if the french chick who's moving in soon doesn't work out we'll have a room handy. I'll keep you posted, it's more than $100/wk + bills but not by much.
The french chick wont work out, richo hates the french, And im sure he will either pimp slap her or walk around with his wang out till she leaves, If all else fails, Stand next to her bed breathing heavy with your fly unzipped just as she wakes up.
i have one but im in melton and my bike live out front as yours wood
no worries, thanks richo.. more than 100 a week isnt bad, im budgeting for worst case scenario @ around $160-$170
melton would be worst case, but if im desperate ill send you a pm mate
Yew can stays with me an cletus in Rockhampton! yeehee!

(Ignore the faint banjo plucking, thats just next door)
Hey Chris, you can stay for free at a place I know on Xmas Island but I doubt they will let you take your bike and ps3/wii as they don't allow any creature comforts.
Alternativley, go to a laundromat as there are lot's of fringey people that leave scrap bits of paper around looking for a room mate. Bad boy bubby eat your heart out.

xmas island? wont i have to fly to indonesia then attempt to get there by a boat :p lol
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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