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anyone got a starter solinoid spare

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my race bike has stuffed it's starter solinoid so can't start bike anyone one got a spare so i can get her ready to race live in bris
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I'll let you know in 5 minutes to see if I can find it in the shed.

If not you're welcome to contact Gus and pinch one of either of the 19's that are at his place
thanks joel when u gonna get your bikes going again anyway
Can't find it sorry mate, old man knows where it is but he's not home.. Give Gus a call if you have his number.

Will start at the end of the year finally I think haha. How's race season goin?
not as well as i hoped playing with bike so all over the place at the moment
ive got one its $6500 and comes with a free gsxr600

thanks seventh but i'm good
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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