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It was good today, who is this Jordan Zamora? Fark he was quick.

If the 1st supersport race was anything to go by, tomorrow should be good.

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Well, i dont know what anyone else though, but the Superstock 600's were the best to watch i reckon! The racing was really good. Glad to see it's no longer a Stauffer show, thanks to the lack of a factory Yamaha team.

It was good to see the superstock S1000RR peening so many of the superbikes.

Again, who is this Jordan Zamora? He is certainly one to watch on the 125. Hopefully it is raw talent coming through, not just access to $$$.

Anyone take any photos's? Paging Merudo????

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hey guy, I did take quite a few photos, just i dont have internet at home and im using a borrowed 3G USB wireless broadband dongle at the moment, otherwise I definitely would have popped some up.

i popped one photo on facebook, it needed to be cropped, but just to give you an idea, i got a 10 shot sequence of this guys crash

I should crop it up more and re-upload but yeah... i cant run up the bill on this wifi broadband dongle unfortunately...

I took over 1000 photos on the day though, unfortunately about half of them are cactus because of me using the wrong IS settings on gus's 70-200 2.8L w/ 2x converter.

was a sight to be seen though that bazooka of a lens on the 1D~!
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