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Bent pipe.

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I was riding around a boom gate that wouldn't regester my bike today and had to drop down over a large gutter. I thought I would have had enough clearance but I heard a bang as my rear wheel was dropping down.

I was going to take my mid pipe and headers off tonight to get them sand blasted and painted black. When I looked under the bike I saw that the bang sound I heard was my undertail exhaust in front of the rear wheel hitting the gutter.

How do I go about popping the dent out? I was thinking of filling the section with water and freezing it but I can't think how I could seal the ends to get enough pressure to pop it out. Any other ideas?
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Whats it made of? Some R1's have titanium bits in part of their exhaust.
Which part is bent? The midpipe or the headers? Stock?
Same thing happened to the front of my headers on the CBR. Spoke to a guy at the bike shop bout it casually and he said cut the dent out and have a patch welded to suit if it bothers you that much.
It's the mid pipe just after the exup and just before it bends up to go up toward the underseat.
Well, if its steel then you could weld a slide hammer to it and pull the dent that way then grind it off, that way you don't have to cut anything open.
Way we got the dint out of my mates one was to braze a nut (M12 or maby m14?) onto the dented area. Screw a longish bolt into the nut place a pair of vicegrips on the end of the bolt. after doing this heat the area with the blow torch till red hot and pull on the nut to pop the dint out. Worked well seeing as cutting the exhaust then finding another section to fit was going to be hard plus the $$ involved. Must be said that i dont think you can braze to titanium and if you have a segmented exhaust like a two stroke it wont work either.
I got no problems with cutting it. While I have them off I'm goin to cut the Y pipe almost in half and bend I open to gut the cat then weld it back up.[hr]
Also drew, I have no idea what it's made out of. It's a stock system up to the yoshi slipons.
If you want to find out if its titanium sand off the oxide coating/crap until you get to bare metal in a small section then give it a waft over with a blowtorch or oxy, very gently, and if its titanium it will change colour to a purple or straw colour depending on how long you hit it for.
Thanks for the quick replys. I half way into taking them off and I now see the now see that header number 2 is also dented but not enough to worry about.

The original dent that I posted is bigger than I first thought and bigger than it looks. It's probably restricting 60% flow. I don't trust my welding skills enough and I wouldn't know where to start trying to roll and bend a bit of metal to patch it up. So I guess I'm going to take it to an exhaust shop to get them to hack it up.
Or use this as an excuse to buy yourself a Y pipe...

Oh wait.. no2 header is toast too. Guess you need a full set of Yoshi headers....
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