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Bike pushed over;

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Hey guys, just a quick story to:

a) vent and
b) get some opinions.

The other night my bike was parked at a servo in surry hills overnight (my mates live next door to it). I came out the next day to find damage all on the left side of the bike ie fairing snapped off, broken clutch, broken windscreen, loose gear lever etc. I went into the servo to tell them about it, and ask if they could review footage of the night to see if they can tell what happened. I was hoping to get a number-plate of a car or something similar, but when i followed them up about it they said they couldn't see anything happen to my bike, and that there are alot of druggos in the area and its a risk to leave my bike there overnight. I'm not sure if they are telling the truth, or if they haven't even bothered looking at the tape. My dilemma is that i don't want to get everything fixed up on the bike to have this same thing happen again, if my bike is just a shiny toy for some smacked out junkie.

Does anybody have any ideas on what i could do to prevent this from happening?

Are there any locks you can get which make it more difficult for a bike to be pushed over?

I don't want to have to stop riding to my mates houses just because i am worried about leaving my bike there overnight, but at the same time i can't afford to keep fixing it if this happens on a continual basis.

Any opinions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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did u park your bike across and blocking a car park space???

sorry to hear bout the damage, but why didnt you park in your mate's front yard?
ask to have a copper look at it? I wouldn't take the word of a 7 eleven dude
Hey ronan - sucks about your bike...

As for ways to stop people knocking it over, there is no way to do this... You can minimise the risk though.

Park next to a wall, kick stand facing away from the wall. That way if they wanted to knock it over they would have to put up the kick stand rather than just give it a push.

There are plenty of disk locks which have motion sensitive alarms on them - this could also act as a deterrent, but wouldn't act as a guarantee.

Another option is a bike cover... If you cover it up they won't see how shiny she is and may be less inclined to do anything, or you may even be lucky enough for them to not notice it...

If someone wants to damage your shit - then they will find a way... No questions asked... Just have to find a way to deter them enough.

Have you contacted the cops about it? They might have better luck with checking the footage at the servo.

By the way - your name reminds me of Stargate Atlantis... I'm such a fucking geek...
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did you key someones car recently at that spot??

also, are you sure it wasnt the angle and wind factor that knocked it over??
there isnt any lock other than something bolted to the ground that will prevent that kind of thing happening other than one with an alarm that might deter them...
bummer about your bike dude, i have to ask as to why you would park it there and not in your mates places/yard but i'm sure there is a reason.

sneddy has summed up what measures you can take to avoid it happening again.

sneddy is so wise, he's like a miniature budda covered in fur.. ;-)
if you are really wanting to make it idiot proof... when the servo is closed... but 2 dynabolts in and have a spanner handy everytime you go to your mates place and bolt the kick stand to the ground... making it impossible to push it over... though if they nudge it with a car, you would end up with a busted kick stand.[hr]
Scotty said:
sneddy is so wise, he's like a miniature budda covered in fur.. ;-)

nice quote... you must really like that movie :)
Id try parking it on the road as its more in the open than a deserted petrol station at night. Or find a mate in a better area? lol
if it was me. 1) i wouldnt have left it over night in a closed servo. 2) called the cops straight away and have them come out and take a copy of all video taken that night. with all the petrol drive off servos have cameras everywhere. so id say 99% that something is on the tapes.

and there must be a better place then a servo to park your bike.
Thanks for all the responses.
Their house is on cleveland street, so nowhere to park on the street.
The servo is open 24 hours, and everyone who goes to the house parks there, we are at that servo buying food every 5 minutes so it kinda works for the servo people aswell :)
I was thinking about alerting the police, but i just figured they would tell me there was nothing they could do about it.
Would it be too late to do that now??
I was bummed at first that it happened, but now i'm just more concerned about it happening again - especially if i shell out however much it is to fix the damage.

there probably isn't much the police can...OR WILL do about it. they'll actually probably be shitcunts and tell you you can't park in the servo unless you're using the servo.

maybe just try to be a bit more cunning when you park there, maybe park it close to a wall and get another of your mates to park their car in front of it, or do any or all of the things sneddy mentioned.
I'm assuming you mean Cleveland St Sydney/Surry Hills?

Which servo? The BP or Caltex? Cos if it's the BP the kebab place next door is pretty fucking awesome... God I could go a kebab from there right now...

I wouldn't bother fixing up your bike straight away - just make it so that it's not dangerous to ride - as in no parts falling off, no sharp pointy bits. That way you won't have to be as concerned parking it there in future. Just take some of the precautions people have mentioned in this thread and you'll be right.

If it doesn't happen again and it was just a freak accident or some drunk bastard out on a binge then go and make her 100% pretty again.
1) Call crime stoppers & get an event number
2) Report to insurance for a claim with the event number/ if not skip
3) Stay away from 7/11 lol shifty bastards probably pushed it over themselves.

I have a xena X-10 on my bike at all times if outside also with the handle bar locked.
Not much you can do, I had vandalism on my property... police can't do much other than having a record.

Sorry to hear about the bike.

May I suggest you find a new friend with secure parking?
That sucks mate.

As someone that has worked and lived in Surry Hills (next to the Excelsior) I can tell you its a bad idea to leave a motorbike, especially a shiny one in the general area. Its particularly silly to leave it at a servo. The indian guys have manually opening doors for a reason.

Its my favourite area in all of Sydney. Living within a block of 5+ brothels was great party conversation :lol:. However, my bike is in one piece because it was always garaged or parked between two cars (small ones who can see the bike through rear view).

First problem was parking in Surry Hills mate... Same thing happened to my brother and he lives there.

Good luck getting the cops interested. We had to call popo one night as we were pretty certain the lady across the street was being stabbed in her house and yeah took them an hour to get there... :-/
you should buy this sticker...

vlam said:
you should buy this sticker...

I think if anything that will egg people on to push it over.
Sneddy, The Caltex on Cleveland. And i do know the kebab place you speak of, quite delicious :). Much better than the one on the corner of Bourke, they give you heaps more cheese and its of a better quality, but i'm getting off topic.
I'm getting the clutch fixed on tuesday, and the indicators put back into place, other than that i'm not too phased about the broken fairing clip + scratches etc.
I am going to continue to park there, since my bike is my only form of transport, and i'm not going to stop visiting my mates just because of this incident. But i will definitely be taking said precautions to best prevent it from happening again, so thanks guys!
In other news, i witnessed a car accident happen right in front of me today. I was waiting at the lights to turn right, and an asian lady red p plater has gone to turn right thinking there was no oncoming traffic and driven straight into the side of an old subaru brumby going straight through the lights. I went to see if everybody was ok, one of the passengers was 75 years old. Long story short, no body was injured but it just made me realise how easily something like that can happen, and if she couldn't see a car oncoming what chance do we have on a bike with unaware drivers like that?


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