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Bike randomly turns off

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I have a weird problem and I don’t know where to start. My bike will randomly turn off and not start again. While riding, not too far and not too fast, I noticed that the ABS light was blinking. About 30 seconds later the dash display and the ABS light completely turned off and the motor turned off a few seconds later. Luckily this happened close to home and I was able to coast into my driveway. Trying to start it again resulted in nothing. At first the dash didn’t even turn back on but soon it turned on but wouldn’t respond to the starter button.

This has happened to me twice, today and once in December, after which I stopped riding until I thought I had fixed it by replacing the battery yesterday. The first time it happened on the way home from work and I had to rent a U-Haul to tow it home. I’ve had the bike since June, no problems until now. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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pull error codes. will point to where to look next
pull error codes. will point to where to look next
Will there be error codes even if the check engine light never came on?
Yeah, past stored codes will still be there.

Also measure ABS sensors at ABs computer's connector. Taking wheels off and putting them on can bump sensor.

Although shutting off is probably some other wiring issue. But still wiring nonetheless.
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