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Bike wont Rev properly.

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Hey guys my cbr is having a few issues atm.
It will start up fine and holds idle fine as long as i dont rev it but when i try to rev it sometimes it revs normally other times there is minimal or no power there and the bike conks out and stalls. Iam guessing it might be fuel related but iam not really sure. I can ride it short distances but it only goes about 100metres and then usualy wont rev and stalls.
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It may be a charging issue, but without some testing who knows. Where are you located by the way?
At redhead in newy i think i met you once when you came to my house? It did kill the battery yesterday and put it on charge for a few hours maybe i will leave it on overnight that might be the problem ?
Sounds fuel related. Could be fuel tap or pump. Do you have a CBR250R or CBR250RR?
let me know how you get on bud, i can come take a look at it if you want. i'm at jewells.
Hey guys will try and have another fiddle with it today. Its a rr eclipze! Thanks scotty will keep it in mind i go to the snow on tuesday morning tho so i might have to leave it to fix it when i get back if i cant figure it out!
Hey scotty if your not busy tonight or tomorrow sometime you reckon you could come round and have a squiz ? I pm'd you my number just give us a call!
Its still doing the same thing today with the battery fully charged so i doubt thats the problem. After it stalls i cant start it right away but it sorta put's trying to start.
Check the tank breather hose, on the back left under the tank cap isn't blocked. There is a little rubber nipple thingy on it you can cut off flush with the top of the filler that can stop this ever becoming a problem.

Poor description but if you have a good look you should be able to work it out.

With the AG bike of mine some times when its started and you turn the throttle when it hasn't warmed up properly it floods and stalls then takes a little time to start, Maybe that's your problem, start it and let it run for a while then try it.
^ this.
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