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I have a 1991 MC22. I bought it as a project and have most of the mechanical work done but I can't get it to fire. It has never started in my possession.
I replaced plugs, air filter, changed oil, replaced the battery (Li-ion), and fuel tap. The engine sputters and I can hear ignition while cranking but it won't fire and continue running. It'll run a couple seconds if I spray starter fluid.
I tried pouring gas into the fuel line without the tank and fuel starts to flow out of the overflow ports on the carb so I don't want to try that again. Strangely the engine sometimes stalls the starter. I can turn the engine over if I attempt a bump start but still no continuous ignition.
What am I missing? I reviewed the "Bike Won't Start" thread and verified the run switch and fuel are turned on.
The only electrical peculiarity I can find is the neutral light is always on. If the sensor is grounding out, can this be my issue? Send me what you have, I'll try anything!
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