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$2k ONO

1998 MC22. 70,642km (+ part of a track day with Koso dash before I worked out how to set the base ODO reading, now reads 70674.3). Currently setup for the track, with unpainted fibreglass track farings, but has road gear, valid VIN plate etc.

* KOSO RX2N dash with speedo running off rear wheel - might need the trip/speed settings checked before getting bike re-registered.
* Tyga step kit
* carbon fibre muffler
* adjustable levers
* near new Continental SportAttack tyres (used one track day only)
* adjustable preload caps on forks
* single seat mod plate for Qld (cheaper rego).
* near new chain/sprokets - not standard gearing, but I can't remember what I changed it to (one track day use only)
* Braided brake lines
* speed restriction removal mod
* quick action throttle mod

Also comes with:

* original tricolour farings some small scratches, but pretty good.
* most lights, wiring/solenoids etc for road setup. - headlights are broken (glass is smashed - don't know the story, was like that when I got it).
* other stock parts as per when I purchased (e.g. stock muffler, rearset, levers, guages, carb jets)

I think it has everything to return it to road condition EXCEPT the headlights.

Bike runs a bit rough at idle but is good when she's opened up. I've not spent much time trying to work this out, but suspect idle circuit needs adjustment or has a bit of crap in it that didn't come out when I cleaned the carbs and changed the jets and needles. Has new boot rubbers and had a good work over a year ago (including engine out of the chassis, fork rebuild etc) to make sure she's not going to kill me when going flat out down the back straight or into turn 1 at QR.

Selling because I need money for my other hobby (sailing), because I've hardly ridden since losing my license a few years ago and 'cos we need room in the garage for a second car.

Photo is a bit old (prior to rebuild work). Will take more pics if people want.

reply here, PM or call my mobile - 0414 319 396


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