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Boot lock - MC19

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Don't suppose anyone has one of these lying around....

Or any idea WTB?

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I'll join the queue too. ;)

I need one as well, but I haven't bothered looking yet.
Got MC22 boot lock i think?
Got one in the mail just today, but it came with a matching keyed set of ignition & tank locks. I'll check the sellers store (eBay) and see if they sell them seperately.

Cheers - boingk

EDIT: Can't see them seperately, but heres a link to the fellows store. Ask him and he'll probably list some: http://stores.shop.ebay.com.au/YlemMoto__W0QQ_armrsZ1
I don't trust ebay for security :D
I'll check Gus' place on the weekend.

Pretty sure I threw the other one out
I don't trust ebay for security
Well, if they can get past the disc lock and the hidden kill switch so they can get at a 22 year old bike... then they must really want it. The flogging I'll give them afterwards, not the bike, that is. Hahaha...

- boingk
My key worked in several bikes:d its a master key duudaaa :p
lolitsjoel said:
I'll check Gus' place on the weekend.

Pretty sure I threw the other one out
Willing to pay for it if you find one... thanks heaps... :D

Otherwise yeah prolly just gonna hit up ebay. I've been pretty lucky online so far, happy with everything I've got expect one rearset that I ordered completely the wrong part but that's my dumbass-ness...

hmmm does a MC22 fit a MC19? I'm guessing they'd be the same but not 100%...
Mc22 boot lock is in an entirely different spot, so I am bettin that they are only similar in a sense they both lock and both use keys but that's about it.
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