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Brendans cbr250 project... still.

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inlet: 99% VE
Exhaust: 100%VE



valve guides taken right back etc... pics of headwork to come later.

but for now...



I'll do a write up on engine specs in the next few days.
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richo said:
Spending 21k on a cbr.. and you're concerned that you're not going to see any return on some 10 dollar polish?

Fuck you're retarded.
It's 22k now Richo, he's been putting petrol in it.


Humbug said:
so that means anyone who restores or does up an old car/bike is retarded?
so that would include your self for rebuilding your r6.
Richo's bike is old? Or 'done up'? Richo: What cosmetic-only mods have you done on your R6? Just sponsors stickers?

Richo races his bike Brendan, and has spent moolah on things that make it faster, such as suspension. He also doesn't scream "I spent $XXXX dorrars!" in a failed attempt to be a big shot, all the while including his petrol bills, services and speeding fines in the total.

Humbug said:
what the heck did i do to deserve this?
Back to your old tricks...

Humbug said:
and you took the bait ;)

Humbug said:
i was just playing along.

i thought it was pretty funny at the time... I don't see why you should take that so seriously
When someone has been an outright troll pain in the arse in the past, gets banned but then gets another chance, then goes "ha ha I trolled you", that to me is a green light for giving shit.

Brendan, this is not a new forum, we are not a new bunch of people, we remember you from before and remember how you acted. People are expecting you to wig out and be a cock and are waiting for it...

You've been on parole, haven't been turning up to see your parole officer and have been a naughty naughty boy, that's going to see you sent away again :blush:

Humbug said:
does it make you feel good about yourself to put others down or to take advantage of someone being bullied?
I wouldn't say it makes me feel good to put others down, no, but I am prepared to put my neck out, even though I'm fully aware that it makes me look like an arsehole, when I think people need to pull their heads in.

The sig was because it's funny, it's also temporary, no need to cry about it.

Humbug said:
i for one am not laughing.
That makes one of us :lol:

Get over it Brendan, behave yourself, stop trolling, stop sooking, and you'll get left alone.

Brendan, I'm not having a go at you here, I'm being genuine. If you're seriously getting worked up by an internet forum, to the point where it's impacting on your mental health and real life confidence, you need to walk away. Regardless of who is at fault in this thread you can't make other people change, why are you here doing this if you hate it?

Making an effort to turn over a new leaf and react differently to people is great but pointless if you can't sustain it. The only people who never get swiped at here are the people who stay out of arguments and keep their heads in, the rest of us deal with conflict in a way that doesn't turn the whole forum against us. You seem unable to deal with conflict without making things blow up, and considering the fact that you've told us what you think of us in no uncertain terms in the past and fueled every fire around you it's unrealistic to expect that people will start rushing to your defense when someone takes a swipe.

I understand that you were bullied at school and learned to stand up for yourself to stop it (I'm not trying to embarrass you by saying that, you've posted it here in the past), but unlike school you don't have to be here mate, one of the good things about becoming an adult is that you're in control of your own life and get to choose the people you have around you.

Think about it.

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BL: Because no one else is having their mental health or confidence impacted by what amounts to childish internet bullshit. This isn't netrider, the mods aren't here to make sure everyone feels welcome and loved, you either fit in or you don't.

Drew said:
Absolutely zero, but I still don't understand why he bothered.
Because he enjoyed it and didn't have to deal with the consequences.

I definitely operate under a different standard of 'niceness' on the forum than in real life because I expect people to be able to put things in perspective online and not react emotionally and irrationally as people tend to do in real life when their buttons are pushed.

The way you reacted with Corkers is a perfect example of this, if he behaved in person as he behaved online you would have snotted him (or I would have for you :blush:) but online you just ignored it and moved on.

banana.logic said:
yeah true, I was just saying that it's a bit of a double standard for us to expect him to reply in an adult fashion when we are being childish.
Think of it this way....

Those that have a problem with alcohol shouldn't drink, those that don't, go get shitfaced.

I don't think there is a double standard, the advice is to not get involved in shit slinging if you can't deal with it.

^^ Fair summation. The only thing I can add to that is that people tend to help those who have been good to them and offer little to no help to people who call them cunts.

Guys, Jay has asked that we move on and keep this thread technical, so let's do so.

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