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Brendans cbr250 project... still.

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inlet: 99% VE
Exhaust: 100%VE



valve guides taken right back etc... pics of headwork to come later.

but for now...



I'll do a write up on engine specs in the next few days.
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Humbug said:
I'll be sure to give it a try... probably wont give me any regain on resale though... so probably just a waste of effort.
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Humbug said:
how am I trolling!?!?
Spending 21k on a cbr.. and you're concerned that you're not going to see any return on some 10 dollar polish?

Fuck you're retarded.
Who the fuck pays 21k for a bike from the showroom? Only the exotics go for that. And they go a shitton faster and are literally better in every way except perhaps overall weight than a rebuilt 250 that even if restored immaculately to showroom condition is still a prime example of what 20 year old technology looks like!!
My R6 owes me a retarded amount of money. But I'm not whinging about whether or not I'll see any of it again, I realise that building a racebike is the quickest way to financially (And probably physically) cripple myself.

But in saying that, a supersport build is about 48k and still not as fast as a current litre in a straight line. At least it turns a fuckton faster. And I'm considering doing it, but at least there's a purpose. If you want to spend stupid money on fixing up a 250 that's your perogative. Go for it. Have fun, take pics, I'm keen to see them.

The instant you start talking about not seeing return on a fucking $10 bottle of polish you're officially either being facetious or trolling. Or both.

New R1 has a sticker of about 19k. If you can't get away for 17 there's something wrong with you anyway.
Humbug said:
perhaps i can shine it in a different light.

the sense of accomplishment is pointless if there is always something/someone better? I shouldn't waste time on a cbr... but I cant afford a 1098. I shouldn't bother climbing mt fuji because there is mt everest.

what the heck did i do to deserve this?


Actually you can.
sir.b said:
Humbug said:
so that means anyone who restores or does up an old car/bike is retarded?
so that would include your self for rebuilding your r6.
Richo's bike is old? Or 'done up'? Richo: What cosmetic-only mods have you done on your R6? Just sponsors stickers?
Just did a quick check over.. closest to a cosmetic mod is the Pazzo levers, and I chose them over CRG, ASV, Titax etc because the feel was a lot better. I chose braided lines the same colour as the rest of the bike I guess?

Apart from that just sponsor stickers (and I don't have to pay for them anyway).
Humbug said:
also... i never had 20k at one period in time.

besides... I wanted to build the 250 as best I could as a challenge.

i would feel like a tosser riding a 1098.

same goes for driving a ferrari or porche... when I could build something just as fast.

i feel no sense of occomplishment from buying something... it just doesn't feel like its mine.
You're saying that your 250 will be as fast as a 1098?

Drew's head is going to kerplode:exclamation:
Lol. I offered to bury the hatchet and meant it.

First step is with you buddy, apart from incessant long winded arguments about semantics :)blush:) with a few members on this forum I don't really have issues getting along with people.

I don't think it's me who needs to work at this thing.
Humbug said:

if i have some paint left over from painting my other engine... I plan to repaint the master cylinder also.

I'll be sure to give it a try... probably wont give me any regain on resale though... so probably just a waste of effort.
This is the first post that caused issues. Before that it was just people offering genuine encouragement.

EDIT: It's not our goddamn responsibility to censor our posts so we don't offend you. Harden the fuck up.
JEsus christ brenda. Give it a rest or fuck off.

Being a cunt to all and sundry is one thing, but outright having a go at someone who's seriously down on their luck, who actually stuck their neck out to help you?

You're a fucking disgrace.
professional amateur said:
Richo, sorry, gotta say that what you said was unwarranted. from my perspective, it was the other way around, and from what i read, there was no aggressiveness on Brendan's side. I'm gona call it out for what it is, whether down on your luck or not, Moot was the aggressor in this instance and was instigating and totally uncalled for. re-read the post and call a spade a spade. I'm just trying to be diplomatically agreeable.
I'll reread and reconsider, but it read to me that he was trying to give advice.

To my mind, advice is advice and help is help. If I didn't accept help from people who were pissed at me at the time, I'd never get any. From personal experience, if someone is hellbent on doing the wrong thing, sometimes someone does need to be an aggressive sonofabitch to get the point through.

Brendan: If we're dicking with your head that badly then stop coming here. Seek help, honestly. I think you get 8 or so free counseling sessions now under medicare?
Humbug said:
I do not need any help. If you are seggesting I do, then I find that insulting.

try to be abit more considerate.

furthermore... agression is not needed at all for a project that I am working for and funding. its that simple.
Right. I've tried every possible angle here.

I'll be blunt. I really don't give two shits if I offend you. If you're petty enough to crack the sads over every little jab someone pokes at you over the internet then you're not the kind of person I particularly want to live me anyway.

You find everything 'insulting'. Guess what. No one cares. It's a goddamn fucking forum, it's a place that's specifically designed for expressing your opinion. If consensus is that you're a petty child with temper issues, then it doesn't make it true, it makes it the collective opinion of a bunch of people on the internet. I mean fuck, if you can't distinguish between criticism and a personal assault then you do need help.

And fuck sake, how do you get offended by that? You said that a bunch of mean people saying nasty things on a website was affecting your mental health. I suggested you see someone about it, as that's a serious concern. What are you offended about exactly?

Jesus fucking christ brendan, I've got no doubt that you'll reply "lololol troll'd LEWL! I'm so samrt :D" to this, but honestly talk to someone.
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Matt said:
everyone one needs to chill the fuck out and back the fuck off.

branda has stated that he doesn't like the interaction he gets with people here. fine. if he wants to continue posting, let him.

but no one should feel the need to rag on him. or even post anything in reply to anything he says.

Sorry brendan, you seem like you might be a nice person in real life, but the impression you give on the forum is that you are a maladroit. you need to chill, and take things with a grain of salt.
Get fucked, I'm not going to censor my opinion in case there's someone fragile on the forum who's going to have a great big cry about it because he doesn't like what I'm saying.

I won't say anything online that I wouldn't say to that person's face (and this stands for all the members on this forum, not just you brenda).
I daresay you'd beat seven shades of shit out of me for being so constantly lippy.
Right. Fine.

Brenda: You can't say I haven't at least attempted to start afresh. The issue I have is that posting up that it's other people's fault that you fly off the handle is in my opinion cowardice, others can't be held responsible for their actions, especially not if their provocation is in a media as easily ignored as an internet forum.

I've overreacted and probably offended you. I'm not going to lie and say that it wasn't my intention. Sometimes I've been offensive for it's own sake. Occasionally when you've been hysterical I've been a flat out bastard to you just to see what would happen.

I'm going to make another offer of trying this thing again, but to be completely honest I'm not going to be at all shocked when you fly off the handle at some innocuous comment and go apeshit again.

FWIW, I've just reread moots post and it doesn't come across the way some of you have described it. Maybe my tolerance for abuse is a bit higher than some. I read it as asking a few legit questions about the porting job on his head.
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Drew said:
I'm still a bit confused as to why somebody would put something into a public forum they wouldn't say in real life?
How much of what corkers has posted up in the past do you think he'd say to your face?
Hessian said:
This is for a 250? Are you planning on racing it Humbug?
There isn't really a racing class for modified 250 4 strokes in australia.

You could race with the 250gp's, but unfortunately they'd tear you apart :/
HRC stuff is generally showa. And tbh I'm not big on showa atm, I don't know many people who are happy with the kit, compared to ohlins/racetech.

How come you're not allowed to ride a 'good' bike on the street? You joined the site early 2008? (Wait, this account joined early 2k8, god knows when you rolled up). Surely you're off restrictions by now?

If not, how long do you expect this project to take?

RGV forks are heaaaavy. Really heavy.
Humbug said:
dazz245 said:
Humbug said:
actually I will be working on the suspension/brakes/tyres/ring position/aero. I'm gonna sell the whole bike soon, keep the engine and start again from a range of after market parts. I researched a cheapish HRC forks... for the RS250. It would cost about 3k or something... I am planing to use the nsr250 gullarm to shorten the wheel base... then I'll research into getting a good rear shock, maybe custom it for a ohlin set or something then I'd get some rear sets and tear drop fairings... something like the rc162 shape seems cool... but thats the last thing I will consider. the mc22 frame seems ok.
Try Ohlins TTX FGR900 gas precharged forks

They're pretty good:dance:
what sort of sizes are we talking? what wheel/brakes would be paired with it? I'm looking for something small and light :)
I'm sorry but if you bolt a $9000 pair of superbike forks to a cibby there's something wrong with you.

I've been reading this thread and holding back on the negative comments, as they're not helpful to anyone and clearly this project makes you happy, so that's all that matters.

But I mean, come on dude, gas charged forks on a production 250? Really?
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Stavros said:
Humbug said:
the vfr/rvf route seems like the cheapest way to get into racing... I should look into that.

Did someone say cheap? It looks like a bucket of fun as well.
Martin (Aussieparts) races in that class. He sent me a copy of their newsletter with a bunch of brake + clutch bits I ordered recently, looks like an insane amount of fun.
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