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Brendans cbr250 project... still.

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inlet: 99% VE
Exhaust: 100%VE



valve guides taken right back etc... pics of headwork to come later.

but for now...



I'll do a write up on engine specs in the next few days.
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good to see you being a good boy brenda
:heart:i want to hug brenda!:heart:
with regards to forks, you wont go wrong with a set of usd ones off any modern 600 with radial calipers. i have gsxr ones on my cibby and the brakes are so much better, it will take some time to get the forks set right, mine still aren't a 100% but they are still so much better than stock cibby ones, and it wont cost ya any where near 3 grand
1 - 3 of 169 Posts
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