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Brendans cbr250 project... still.

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inlet: 99% VE
Exhaust: 100%VE



valve guides taken right back etc... pics of headwork to come later.

but for now...



I'll do a write up on engine specs in the next few days.
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love your work dude :)
Richo, sorry, gotta say that what you said was unwarranted. from my perspective, it was the other way around, and from what i read, there was no aggressiveness on Brendan's side. I'm gona call it out for what it is, whether down on your luck or not, Moot was the aggressor in this instance and was instigating and totally uncalled for. re-read the post and call a spade a spade. I'm just trying to be diplomatically agreeable.
^ what the drunken ******* said.
:lol: Richo, lets have a few scotch shots before we go rockclimbing. that'll be fun:):)
Ooooh i haven't seen that moofie. chuck norris = awesome. torrent time.[hr]
do'h. forgot I'm capped. fucken..
1 - 5 of 169 Posts
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