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Cafe 125

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I have a little Suzuki gp125 cafe racer I got off my dad. It was in better nick when I first got it but been busy with work and didn't have it in a garage (bike cover only) now some of the bits are rusty etc. I want to a fairly basic neaten up of it and tidy chrome up and paint the frame.
Was thinking if doing frame black and the tank and cowl silver instead of current black.
I have decent tool collection of spanners, sockets, screwdrivers hammers etc but what other tools do you generally need for a resto?
Any recommendations? Was considering getting Dremel but a bench grinder is similar money. What do you guys do with rusted chrome?
Any recommendations welcomed

Have spent another few hours pulling it apart and keen on some input (about the bike, not the dog lol).
thinking paint frame black, new tires, brown grips, not sure what to do with the pitted/rusty chrome I don't want to spend a bomb on this?
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I am current doing up a GN250 to make it actually look good for a change.

The tank I just hit with paint stripper and a wire brush attachment on a drill. Same with any other rusty bits.
Chrome I used steel wool and metho
Any pics of the bike?
hey all

with the rusted chrome are you going to get it rechrome or just going to tidy it up

love to see some pics :hail:
if you only clean the rust off, it will just rust again. you need to re-chrome it or at least plate or paint with something.

And pics plz
Thanks replies guys, I've got a few pics but I'm on my phone and they're too large apparently to upload. I try get some up next week at work.
I am not aiming for a radical extensive rebuild, just want to tidy it up a bit on the weekends when I can manage to spare a few hours here and there so I can get it registered again and take it for the occasional ride. Its really fun to ride but I have to push off a little on take off to get moving lol so not all that practical. feels like your doing a 110 when your doing about 45ks an hour. riding over sydney harbour bridge was funny:)

Main priorities are: paint frame either black or silver (possibly change tank and seat cowl colour if I go black frame ie black frame silver tank and cowl or vice versa)
front brake line scares me and I think its partially the cause of a spongy brake lever
chrome bits tidy up
replace broken indicator and probbaly change tyres as they look terrible and if i manage to get over 45kph are a likely cause of my demise.


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Spent a little while pulling it further apart.
definitely painting this disgusting green lol.


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Hi, new here and I am unable to see its lighting. Could I have more photos. I am new here from Australia!
I have it in my garage in pieces might just give it to my son
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