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can anyone lend a hand cleaning the plugs and carby?

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I'm very new to motorbikes and i was hoping to start doing work on the bike myself. I have got to the point where all the fairings off and iv unbolted the tank. I just dont want to touch the fuel pipes out of fear of screwing it up. I also have no clue about the carbs. How to clean or balance. I live in Berwick if anyone could lend a hand.
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Hi mate. I'm in Narre and am just about to clean my carbs (my bike is in pieces in the garage and in pieces as I wait for a carby kit to arrive with new seals).

I feel perfectly comfortable pulling my own bike to bits, but whether you're comfortable with another novice helping out as opposed to someone whose done it a few times already is another question. :shy:

I've never used a manometer either (apart from in physics), but again it doesn't seem difficult as long as you watch the mercury. ;)
check the balance with the manometer before you start fiddling. they'll never be perfect, you wont need to balance unless you have fucked around with it.
Run your bike totally out of petrol then dump a 1lt bottle of kerro in your tank.

Don't actually do this.
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im in glen iris mate, i can give you a hand if you need
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