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cbr mc 22 parts

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hey guys i have a mc 22 RR forvsale
wireing loom
disc brakes
foot pegs
yoshi carbon exhaust
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how much for wheels?
and what condidtion and price for fairings? pics?
black wheels frontcome with the 2 disc brake
and therear comeswiththe standard sprocket and disc brake im chasing 500for the both tyres or 250 each heaps of meat left 0 percent[hr]
90 percent tread
How much for the "Yoshi" exhaust?

Assuming it's just the can?
where are you?
will you sell the front disks by themselves without the wheel???
Are they standard Honda and are they straight?
yes there standard honda and there straight ass
Engine & Frame?
frame and engine are sold bud[hr]
please these parts need to go bump
Hey I'm after a rear fairing liner with the reflector and an unbent Headlight/Instrument Cluster bracket, you have them?
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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