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cbr250.. fixer upper 1st bike!

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well here's a few pics of me bike, if i can get them up...
got it for free, its been unloved for about 4years locked away in a garage and i havent realy started on it yet. got it to poke about along with college, but wana get it on the road now, as my 1st bike.

havent a clue where im gona start on it, but 1st things 1st, ive freed up the engine yesterday, wudnt turn over, but it is now :)

missing a few bits and pieces :lol:

ye will all be sick of me by the time i get it done, cos ill have alot of questions :rolleyes:


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Looking good for a freebie!

make sure you keep us posted on how it all goes, also missed your other thread...Welcome to the forum!
something for free is never a bad thing :D
nice, you doin all the work yourself?
where you located? im sure there would be someone here close by to help if needed.
niceee! u got dis for free? wow!
goodluck with it all !

post some pics of the progression! that would be sweet.
Sounds like you are up for the challenge of restoring the CBR, i am sure everyone will be happy to help with advice when possible.
am in kildare , and yeh, il be doin all the work meself on it :)
good luck with it hope it doesnt take too long, theres plenty of guru's on here that know there stuff.
if ya need anything for the mc19 give me a shout, i'm in north dublin though
shur dublins just up the road :)
once you can get over the pale wall!!
Good luck! I hear if you cut holes in the frame it will go faster! [just kidding] ;)

Nothing wrong with a freeby! There are plenty of people selling old/new parts on hear from time-to-time, and occasionaly (when your lucky) you can get some great advice. Im sure you will find everything you need!

Keep us posted how you go.

Oh....and welcome to the forum! :D
So is that the condition you got it in? Does it have fairings etc?
thats the way i got it, no fairnings, no tank, no seat, no clocks, half handle bars, no lites or antin like that!
Oh yeah baby! A blank canvas!
You could fighter it!
Or get a full tyga kit which would cost an arm and a leg!
Have you a log book?
inkedchick said:
thats the way i got it, no fairnings, no tank, no seat, no clocks, half handle bars, no lites or antin like that!
Oh yeah sorry, i see it now. Have fun!
Jaysis. I havent been paying attention so[hr]
wonder if she ever fixed it, ha ha
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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