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CBR250 Makeover *NEW PICS*

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Ok since I didnt start this thread that long ago - im gonna revive it! ---->

Hi Guys, Ive been milling around there forums for a while and i think there is some pretty cool stuff going on here when it comes to the good ol CBR250. I saw ol mate psidey's resto project and thats inspired me to share mine... although his is very true to the originality of the bike - mines gonna be a little bit of a mod-job without going too mental.

A bit of history: For me this is an intro to restoring bikes... in the past ive been very much a car modifier - i completely rebuilt / restored / modified a 1979 ford escort back in my early apprentice mechanic days - about 10 years ago. This thing was a beast.. i spent over 20k on it, it was the vein of my existence for a while and turned out better than i ever imagined (ill post a pic sometime) - but thats not why we are here.

To cut a long story short - Im not a mechanic anymore- I was heavily into downhill mountain bike riding, got on a dirtbike and never looked back. One day i thought wouldn't it be good to have a dirtbike AND a roadbike... I didnt have the cash (or correct licence) to turn around and buy an R1 so i thought why not restore something - Id always loved the CBR250 ever since i first saw one back in school, so when i decided id restore a roadbike this was my first choice... cheap parts, and plenty of people have aftermarket bits available - such as the TYGA blokes.. when i saw the body kits they were selling, that helped me decide.

Anyway - I bought this 92 CBR250RR from a bloke in Brookvale for $1200... it had been in a pretty serious front ender - the damage included: Bent forks, Buckled front wheel, bent subframe, screwed exhaust headers, Smashed fairings, busted pegs/levers.. you get the picture - but its only got 30K on the clock so i thought it would be a good start.

Here are some pictures of the bike a few months ago - just as i started... I was a little hasty and didnt take pics before i took off the fairings... but you arent missing much... all ill say is it was blue and white and had broken bits...

Ill do my best to keep you all up to date - ive already started, the bike is in 10,000 bits now - but over the next few days ill try to put up a few posts of whats gone on already !! :)

For those of you that were interested, my first ever resto project was a 1979 MK2 Ford Escort.. The work I did on it i could start another entire thread about but the quick rundown, Engine was bored to a 2.2 litre, Ported & polished head, huge cam, oversized valves, 2x 40mm Dellorto carbies, 2in mandrel bent exhaust, Supra 5 speed.. LSD, The body was stripped to Bare metal and painted pearl metallic Blue... It took me 4 years and about 20k...

Enough of that... So im quite a few months behind here posting wise, so far, the bike is completely dismantled and ive been cleaning parts, trying to decide what im going to do with things and ive bought a whole lot of new bits and pieces which ill reveal as i put them on.

My first big decision / learning curve was the frame. For some reason i thought it would look cool if i polished the alloy... but i didn't want the shine to go through oxidisation, so i thought putting a clear coat over it would do the trick. I spend HOURS and HOURS with polishing wheels and compound polishing and cleaning the frame, before putting a 2 pac clear coat over it called POR15 Glisten... well, i didn't really match the picture in my head.. there was something not right, i didn't know what it was. I thought once id finished the frame, id start putting stuff back on... but for some reason didn't.. i farted around for a while not doing anything to it.

After going to the Sydney motorbike show out at homebush, id collected all these brochures of sick bikes i was never going to get in the next 10 years, i was looking through them at home and thought there is something that makes all these sport bikes look so wicked, I couldn't put my finger on it until finally the penny dropped... Black. It was the black frame / swing arm and all that other stuff. It just makes the bikes look more modern and weapon like... so i decided to throw all that time id spent in the bin, sandblast the lot of it and get it Powdercoated black NOTE: at this stage i didnt know about this forum. If id seen some of the stuff on here before i prolly would have gone down this path straight away !!!

Even tho id wasted so much time and literally threw money in the bin.. i felt happy about it. Having restored something before i didnt beat myself up about it too much - this shit happens.

So off with it.. Here is my load of stuff ready for the sandblaster..

A few days later and its all ready for powder...

Its all with the Powdercoater guys now so ill post some pics when i get it all back next week.


Everything is back from the powdercoaters and its looking sweet as... Im so glad i did this, everything looks better than brand new !! Im almost ready to start putting it all back together, now i have the engine covers im sending the engine off to be given a quick once over, check valves, a few gaskets and seals replaced and the tyres to get some rubber. The only thing im stumped on is the rear shock... it still looks like crap, and im tossing up weather i should do what psidey did with his or get a brand new replacement... but then im not too sure who to talk to about that - if you read this and have any ideas speak up !!

Now for pics...


Got these rearsets from ebay (hong kong)... they have a few good and bad points. I really like the design, and the fact they house the rear brake master cylinder, the actual machining of the main alloy parts is awesome but the footpegs are rubbish... ive already ordered a set of anodised billet pegs from somewhere else.

The heel guards look like they have been cut out of an old coke can and covered with a carbon fibre themed contact !!! but again, im going to use these ones as a template to get some new, thicker ones made up at an alloy fabricator near where i live.

I just need to get them all black. Originally i was going to get them anodised, but there is some kind of copper bearing that i cant for the life of me remove, it needs to be pressed out and i don't wanna risk screwing up the alloy... so i think im just going to pull them apart and give them a coat of black epoxy paint... thats cheaper anyway :)

Here they are !


Ive now got everything ready to assemble a roller... ive replaced all the dust seals and bearings in the rear suspension assembly and wheels, got new tyres... the lot.

I started last weekend thinking this week ill post some new pics, but ran into a major wall... the triple clamps from the original bike were damaged in the crash.

So here we are, close to putting the wheels on... sliding the fork tubes up through the triples.. and the second one is about an inch out of alignment... [email protected]#K. To the bin with them.

I ordered a set from a wrecker on monday, dropped them at the sand blasters yesterday, and took them to the powdercoaters this morning... dont think ill get them back till next week tho :newspaper:

If i get time ill post some pics of my progress anyway !
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RE: CBR250 Makeover

@ Humbug... Uh Oh is right ! Anyone who has done it knows 20k is spent very quickly when restoring cars from the ground up (properly). Ive spoken to people spending upwards of 100k...
BTW: The thing went like shit off a shovel :)

@ Cerberus.. Yes there was a discussion about this on the old thread. Im not painting the rearsets - however i have put anodised black footpegs on them.
RE: CBR250 Makeover

Haha... No humbug, nothing spoilt here ! I do however see u are a sega fan! I actually worked for sega for a year in the uk !!! :)

Roobars: I got the rearsets from this guy on eBay : http://stores.ebay.com:80/ETSHARK_CBR-250-MC22-part_W0QQ_fsubZ1306236017QQ_sidZ662479667QQ_trksidZp4634Q2ec0Q2em322

The craftsmanship on the machined alloy is very good but the foot pegs were rubbish - same with the heel guards.. So Ive already got some better pegs, and the heel guards I'll be getting fabricated...
RE: CBR250 Makeover

Yeh I did see that he had a couple of different types... Maybe I got lucky. That bloke has some serious crap tho.... He sent me "a free gift"... A pair of grips, they are such cheap rubbish, they are not worthy of even being on a pushbike !
RE: CBR250 Makeover

roobars said:
I got the same free gift. were yours chrome/silver? :p I was thinking of turning mine into sex toys by filling them with resin, what are your thoughts?
Hahah thats too funny - I was thinking they would make a good double ender if you joined them somehow :lol:

BTW - this pic makes them look better than they really are.
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RE: CBR250 Makeover

Rollin !!
Its been a while since ive updated, but things have been moving along, i got a rolling chassis together today. I had hit a major wall 2 weeks ago when i realised the triples were warped.. stupid of me not to replace them in the first place really...

Some of the work you see here includes:

- Rear suspension linkage has completely cleaned and re-packed
- Re-co'd rear shock
- Entire front end has been replaced
- New Wheel bearings
- Every single dust seal has been replaced
- Various new nuts and bolts
- New cush drive rubbers
- New stainless discs from tyga of which need custom caliper mounts... (advice welcome)
- New GPRA-10 tyres

So thats it ! Next task will be getting the engine ship shape and ready to slot in... until then - here are some pics...

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RE: CBR250 Makeover

Psidey : Thanks mate :) My only hope it she turns out as good as yours did. And yes I do have a dirt bike too - but the KTM you can see in these pics belongs to a friend who decided that my garage would be a suitable home... Mine is the Blue WR - which is out of shot in these pics - but im riding in my Avatar :)

The dirt bike stand.. is rather awkward for the CBR. And yes - I will need a sport bike stand especially once the engine goes in... there will probably be one of those moments of trying to explain that the two pieces of equipment serve totally different purposes while getting blank looks of confusion... 2 hours later it will all be fine - so it should be ok.

getnkd : Haha - yes psideys posts were pretty awesome... im just too damn lazy to spend the time that he did, I spend a lot of time on computers and the web for work and i guess my time with the bike is my "away" time... I get into the zone and even forget to take pics... ive gotta keep reminding myself ! I just figured ill take them and post updates at all the "milestones"... of which, this was one. Hats off to psideys detail !
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RE: CBR250 Makeover

Yes - im still here !!! Things have been moving really slowly, its hard to find time to work on the cib - my new son has been keeping me very busy... im sure some of you know what im talking about.

Ive put in a few hours here and there - Since my last post there has been a few developments... Ive had custom calliper brackets made up to accommodate the larger discs, the same guys also custom made some heel guards to go with the rear sets... since the ones that came with them were shit house.

Ive also fully re-co'd the callipers themselves and fitted them with new braided lines. The brakes are all but done.. just need fluid and a bleed.

The engine - I didn't re-build it, however I did have it checked over by a mechanic, carbies cleaned up - certain gaskets and seals replaced and so on.

So now im just trying to slowly get all the little bits back in place, the electrical's running and so on so i can turn the key !

Here are a some new pics - they are not the best, just used the point and shoot - ill try to take some new ones with the SLR soon...

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RE: CBR250 Makeover

eBay !! The master cylinder came with the rearsets.. Although I had to modify the part that connects it to the pedal... What came with it was a little shoddy...
RE: CBR250 Makeover

Thanks guys ! Like i said, ill take a few more pics with a better camera maybe on the weekend. The rear hugger came from Japan - It was bloody expensive!! But once i saw it i just couldnt stop thinking about it until I had it in my hands... its a problem i have with shit like that :)

Yes i also had my doubts about that master cylinder - The engineer that fabricated the front calliper adapters who builds some serious custom bikes had a good look at it and told me it should be fine. But like i said, he did majorly improve the way it connects to the actual pedal mechanism.
RE: CBR250 Makeover

Ill take a pic and post it...
RE: CBR250 Makeover

Ok so here is the rearset as I got it... someone has just done a dodgey and used whatever they could jimmy up to make the connection from the master cyl to the pedal...

And here is the new... its not really anything majorly ground breaking... just common sense..

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RE: CBR250 Makeover

yeh in normal light the rim tape is just red - but its reflective, so the flash made it bright like that...
RE: CBR250 Makeover

Me too ! But babies and moving house have stopped me in my tracks... Ill hopefully get to do some more in a month or so.
RE: CBR250 Makeover

subbed ? Whats dat mean ?

Here is an update anyway : The project is not dead... still moving at a snails pace... I should have the kit back all painted in about 2 weeks.. the bike is almost ready to start ! WOOHOO...
RE: CBR250 Makeover

Right.. So over a year since i posted a decent update ive finally got one :) Took a quick snap of the bike at the spray painters today and I'm pretty happy with what I'm seeing... Bike is getting very close now, Ill have it back from them in a week with the fairings all finished. From there i need to get her started, which - fingers crossed i hope goes well, then ive pretty much got all the parts sitting in the garage to complete it... so it shouldn't be too long before i can go for a ride !!!

Check it out:

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RE: CBR250 Makeover

satin gun metal grey and gloss black... looks better in real life.
RE: CBR250 Makeover

@upper - Ive actually gotta move that coolant bottle - i installed it when the fairings weren't on.. it just seamed to fit nicely there... then when i saw it today i was like... hmmm.. wrong spot.. i gotta hide it somewhere. Not sure where yet.

@Lane - Cheers ! Im stoked with it... but im not sure of the red rim tape now - think I'm gonna have to change that... i might make it silver. Same with my engine plugs & bar ends... they are anodised red.. but since ive seen the bike all together, I'm not liking the red so much anymore...

Anyone wanna buy some brand new red engine plugs and Bar Ends ??? :)
RE: CBR250 Makeover


After about 7-8 months my baby is back in the garage with a freshly painted set of fairings. So ive got some better pics to share:

Awesome... so i spent as much time as i could over the weekend tinkering. Took the fairings off again, and started putting more bits back on... had some victories and some losses along the way.


Got the engine started ! Its all stock, but jeezuz it sounded fat with no muffler:



This is F*&Ked... don't know why i did this, but i was messing around with the tank.. since it had just been sprayed, i decided to run a bolt in and out of the filler cap threads to clean them out.. i had bought this cheap heap of shit filler cap from ebay, which i later decided was shit - and got a really nice cnc machined one from the US. Anyway... the bolts from the shit one was all i had that fit... so i screwed one in and took it out of the first two holes... all good... then the third... SNAP... fucking thing broke off in there... my brand new tank which took me hours and hours to re-seal the inside, then lovingly painted with my new scheme, and its now got a cheap, nasty broken bolt straight from the shittiest bolt factory in china lodged in it.

No worries.. an easy out should fix that.. nup.. seams the cheap metal is so soft it wouldn't happen... the easy out chewed it up more, so now I'm a little unsure what to do next... i don't really want to mess with it anymore myself. Looks like a need to find a thread repair place !


- Trying to get the thread fixed in my tank !!
- Found a few coolant leaks... need to sort them
- New rim tape - the red is gone...
- hunting down a few other parts
- Balancing carbs.. bit unsure on this one
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RE: CBR250 Makeover - FINISHED !

All done... It stated December 2009 - Finished April 2012. On Friday the 27th I finally got her registered again. Considering ive had 2 kids and moved once during this time I don't think thats a bad effort :)

Thanks to everyone on the forum for being such a HUGE help, its really been great, I actually found the forum and read up on a few other resto's including the epic psidey job, before i started the project. Now i can hopefully pass on some of the knowledge i have gained to others too..

I didn't get to write as many posts as i Would have liked throughout the rebuild process so i thought id do a quick writeup now of everything that I covered during the re-build.

Here we go then:

Frame / Suspension:
Sandblasted & Powdercoated Satin Black
Replaced Rear Subframe
Replaced Front Forks & Triples
Replaced Rear Shock

Sandblasted & painted calipers
Replaced all seals / rubber parts, bleed nipples
New Oversize Front Discs & Caliper Adapters to match
New HEL braided Brake lines
New Rear Master Cylinder
New Bendix pads all round

Engine / Exhaust / Drive:
General Service
Thoroughly cleaned
Engine Covers Powdercoated
Block Painted Black
Replaced Engine Cover gaskets & Misc Seals
Carbs, Cleaned & Serviced
General Service
New Goldstar Sprockets Front & Rear
New RKK Gold Chain
Replaced Waterpump
Sandblasted & Painted Headers
Tyga Carbon Silencer

Body / Wheels & Tyres
Tyga T8 Bodykit with custom paint - Satin Gunmetal Grey with Gloss Black Honda wing
Tyga Dark Tinted Screen
Tyga Carbon Front fender
Carbon Saitiniya Rear Hugger
New Mirrors
New Tyga Mirror Stay
New LED Rear Indicators
Wheels Sandblasted, Powdercoated Black
New Dunlop Sportmax Tyres

Misc Stuff
New Tyga Levers
New Switch Blocks - Left & Right
SSR Racing Billet Fuel Cap
SSR Racing Pegs
New Billet Step Kit & Custom Heel Guards
Replaced 95% of nuts and bolts with new ones

Thats all i can think of for now... there's probably more i can't think of right now. Here are a few pics i managed to take before the rain set in for the weekend... I'm hoping to do a bit of a "shoot" soon ! While its still in this condition !!

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