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CBR250 Service Manuals

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Attached is a short and to the point maintenance guide covering the basic info for your CBR250.

While it isn't as detailed as the service manual it does cover the basics that are useful to know and specifications for parts.


CBR250R(J+K) + CBR250RR(L+N+R) : 428 Pitch, 136 Links
Chain Slack : 20 – 25mm
Fuel Capacity:
CBR250R(J+K) : 13 Litres + 2 Litre Reservoir
CBR250RR(L+N+R) : 13 Litres + 1.6 Litre Reservoir

It also covers what needs servicing when and even torque settings for which bolt!

:hail: Here is the complete service manual. it covers EVERYTHING. :hail:

(low quality, black and white images, but small size, ~11mb)

(High quality but large size, ~170mb)
that link is now dead :( BUT jlyall has uploaded it using his own account, so just follow this link to his post :D http://cbr250.com/forum/thread-425-post-53663.html#pid53663

If it isn't answered here then start posting questions on the forums.


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umm from what i've heard, i dont think the cbr 250 (J) has a 13l tank and 2l reserve
i own one, and i have never filles up more than 9.8l
even when i was low on reserve
yes it was on the sidestand, but i dont think it would make 3l of a difference
on the old forum, a couple of other mc19 owners agreed with me

so is it just a couple bikes or did the maintenace guide get it wrong and its 10l all up including 2l of reserve
13L is the claimed factory spec from Honda of both the mc19 and mc22.

if you are filling up with a pump it can come up short with the auto shutoff. whether that could be problem i dunno.
nah i always pull it out a bit and fill up as much as i can and then same till its almost up to the rim
according to your profile you've got a mc19
have you ever filled up over 10l?
Ive only ever filled from empty once and it was from a jerrycan. So no help from me there.

I see youre gunna be taking your tank off soon. maybe a good time to do a test and see how much will go in?
umm well how would i go about doing that?
i've got a jerry can which can take upto 5l

i dont have any measuring devices
How about year 2 maths?
dropped out in kindy
too hard for me

care to explain more?
yeah i figured you would say something like that
but that means i'll have to trek it to the service station 3 times coz i dont have a car

and if i take the bike there, then thats the same as filling up normally
buy a 20 litre jerry can anbd strap it to your back..just dont crash! :)
i hope your not being serious
besides im not gonna waste money on a 20litre jerry can
the 5l one cost me 20 bucks
wonder how much the 20l one would cost
cheers freddy! your a champion!
the closest one near me is like parra or northern beaches
id rather not know how big my fuel tank is
righto, depending on difficulty i will drain my tank and see how much it takes.

My MC19 fuel tank holds... 15 Litres! which is the 13+2 specified from Honda.
oh wow.....well that proved me wrong
maybe mine has a smaller tank....if thats possible? :s
viper33 said:
oh wow.....well that proved me wrong
maybe mine has a smaller tank....if thats possible? :s
dents from previous owners testicles are often filled with copious amounts of bog, and sanded/painted to resemble a virgin tank :)

here is another site with tons of manuals up there for loads of different bikes!
1 - 20 of 43 Posts
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