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cbr250rr mc22 stumbles in upper gears

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Hello everyone! I got a CBR250RR MC22. I have a problem when im running on the road, the problem is the next: first gear, second gear and third gear the bike runs very well and touch the 19.000rpm. But when i put the four gear the bike start lose power, in the five gear the bike dont want pass the 14.000rpm and in the six gear it dont want pass the 12.000rpm. In conclusion the max speed is 120km/h, somebody has got the same problem? Im going without the fairings for dont scratch it.
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Sounds like fuel-flow issue. Higher-gears have higher-loads due to more speed, so needs more petrol/sec. Petcock may be clogged and not flowing enough. Test flow of petcock and numbers will tell us where to look next.

Also measure vacuum in petcock line. Might have crack & leak in vacuum hose. Or hose may be crimped when setting tank down.
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