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hi everybody!
so i am new owner of my first bike cbr 250rr (most like is it first bike i've ever seen)
i paid to my brother bring me the bike from hungary, and i saw the bike for first time just week ago.
bike is in bad condition, but repairable - i didn't care, because in my part of world is hard to find this type (and am happy for it, i never cared about bikes, 4 years ago i saw on youtube video how guy was rolling on bike and revving until 19000rpm, i couldn't close my mount for a long time, but after some time i will do the same:) ). my bike is gonna be the only single one in my country (to get my documents i need MOT, due i need first repair the bike)

at first the bike didn't want to start. I changed the spark plugs(probably original 40000km), then was running 2 all days (was starting without choke, with bit of throttle. i caught change the oil + oil filter. then suddenly death again - next i want to clean the carbs (do i need only carb gasket or better some jets and so, too?). all brakes were blocked, brake pads probably original(40000km), discs worn...
i couldn't shift to neutral when engine was on (only when bike was rolling) - this might be problem, because lot of parts can be worn - am surprised the shift ball joints can be changed only as complete pedal - this is quite expensive
now i am back out, in UK, so i can buy some spare parts, problem is that, not all parts are available

so far i cant find the chain slider in UK. any suggestions?
then rear fender, because my is cut in two(missing part with reflective light - i think only used is possible to buy), rubbers on riders foot pegs - i saw only complete foot pegs, expensive, the winkers include bolts and rubber?
the horn is working only if ignition is on. as the engine is on, the horn is not working anymore:D other electric equipment is working properly.

can you please recommend very very very quite muffler. on my bike is probably unoriginal piece, and is horrible. i rev engine only something above 4000rpm, i wasn't able to stand that noise, neighbors either:D as i covered the exhaust with hand, it was quite as i accept, heard only engine idle. or is possible to put something inside the muffler??

so far all, i was home only 3 days, and did also other job than bike
thanks for answer and i wanted to share some photos

this is idle issue after which bike stayed death

P8301244.jpg P8301251.jpg P8301259.jpg P8301266.jpg IMG_20141008_102845.jpg IMG_20141009_000248.jpg IMG_20141009_005643.jpg IMG_20141009_014754.jpg IMG_20141009_025248.jpg IMG_20141009_031858.jpg IMG_20141009_034343.jpg IMG_20141009_161401.jpg IMG_20141009_173403.jpg IMG_20141010_093556.jpg IMG_20141010_093658.jpg

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The original exhaust is the quietest exhaust you can buy.
The uk has very few parts but breakers in Ireland have a lot more parts for the Cbr250rr.

Your bike is revving too high!
Turn down the choke,
Turn down the idle revs and if that does not work clean the carbs.

You do not need any parts when rebuilding the carbs unless some internal parts are damaged.
Get some aerosol carb cleaner and follow the guide on here.

I hope you get it running ok.

Best of luck, the dwarf!
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